NOTICE: Local pumpkins may be contaminated

Pumpkins purchased from the pumpkin display in the front of Pond Hill Farm on Saturday Oct. 19 between 2-4 p.m. were potentially contaminated by an over-saturated septic field and should be disposed of immediately.

If you purchased a pumpkin during this time, do NOT consume it.

Once the problem was identified, Pond Hill Farm staff quickly cordoned off the area.

However, if you purchased a pumpkin during this time period, Pond Hill Farm will dispose of it and issue a refund.

If you wish to dispose of the pumpkin yourself, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan suggests that the pumpkin is bagged and placed in the trash.

Additionally, thoroughly wash hands with soap and water immediately following cleanup efforts.

If you wish to clean any other items, please use rubber gloves, wash any fabrics or clothing in hot water and clean non-porous surfaces (such as shoe soles) with soap and water, followed by a bleach disinfectant—1/4 cup bleach in 1-gallon water.

Ensure items have time to dry completely following cleaning.

For additional information regarding pumpkin refunds or questions about purchases, please contact Pond Hill Farm at 231-526-3276.

For additional information regarding disposal of pumpkins or cleaning other items, call the Health Department of Northwest Michigan at 1-800-432-4121 or visit

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