NOTICE: Huge auction Dec. 28

Town & Country Machinery
and Real Estate Auction
Complete Sawmill and Log Home Setup At Auction – Sellers Heartwood Mills, Town and Country Cedar Log Homes, 4740 Skop Road Boyne Falls, MI 49713.
December 28th
Real Estate sells at 9 a.m. ET
Equipment 9:30 a.m.
• Open House: Friday Dec. 27th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by Appointment
• All Equipment sells with no minimums!
• Food will be provided to registered on-site bidders!
See for online bidding or more info
Auctioneer’s Note: 37 Acres True Industrial Zoning with Level 1 Roads Plus diversified, well maintained equipment still in operation until Dec. 1, 2019.
Lot 2: Lot 2-11 Will be determined, Stihl chain saws, strapping carts
Lot 12: Pull Cart w/ pneumatic tires
Lot 13: Mark One Better Bilt Tool Box, Heavy Industrial
Lot 14: Scaffolding with casters as marked
Lot 15: 19’x 10’ wide 3 strand log deck w 3 arm stop and loader, Tubular steel frame w/H78 chain, 5 hp motor and reduction drive w/ steel supports to the ground
Lot 16: HMC V206 Rosserhead Debarker , 22’ long debarking bed, 50 hp motor’ includes controls and a/c in cab.’ Includes apron plates
Lot 17: Approx 30’ Patz Barn Sweep under debarker
Lot 18: 5 hp hydraulic power pack under debarker.
Lot 19: 20’ Morbark slat chain log trough conveyor, Includes steel supports to the ground
Lot 20: 20’ log trough conveyor W/ 3 arm kicker, 110 box chain. Hydraulic drive Steel supports to ground directional valve and PLC wires sell with PLC Controllers which is lot 23
Lot 21: 4 Strand Log Accumulation Deck on back side of debarker, Includes H-78 Chain and steel supports needs part of drive replaced’ has crescent type stop and loader
Lot 22: RHM Fluid Power Hydraulic Pack, Includes Baldor Motor (HP not visible). Does not include directional valve and sensors for PLC Controls to be sold with lot 23
Lot 23: PLC Controller Box and components outside Debarker Cab as Marked
Lot 24: Catwalks and Stairs at Debarker System, Includes steel supports under operators cabs and catwalks only all other steel supports with machines as marked Operator cab included with debarker
Lot 25: Tie Lots 15 thru 24 Debarking System to sell w/ 10% Raise, Tie Lots 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 back together add the total and a 10% raise will tie the system back together and bid shall continue on the entire system until the hammer falls
Lot 26: Baker 3630 Horizontal Band Sawmill, w/ 30 HP Electric Motor w/ 30’ bed w/10 HP hydraulic power pack w/ pedestal operator’s controls
Lot 27: Band Saws for Baker 3630 band mill
Lot 28: 10 HP Dust Collection at Baker Band Mill
Lot 29: Square D Motor Control, w/ 30 AMP disconnect
Lot 30: Canadian Morbark LTD 48” Chip Pac. HFSD, 75 HP motor, cyclone collector and screen attached chip load out chute 10 HP Needs Electrical Controls
Lot 31: 600 AMP Main electrical entrance
Lot 32: Square D 45 KVA Transformer, with 110/220 Volt Breaker Box
Lot 33: Self Dumping Hopper Approx. 1 1/2 yd.
Lot 36: Approx. 55’ Patz Barn Sweep Conveyor, with incline section and steel supports’ with electric motor no gear reduction drive
Lot 37: 10’ X 36” wide belt conveyor, has ribbed drag strips every 12” with gear motor drive
Lot 38: L & M Package Saw Model SPC7, 7’ bar w/ 15 hp motor includes package frame and track’ (ready to load) S/N 930005
Lot 39: 100 HP Electric Motor 440 V 875 RPM
Lot 40: 54” Inserted tooth head saw
Lot 41: DISA 15 HP Blower
Lot 42: Hydraulic set (2) saw vertical edger
Lot 43: set of 6’ fork extensions
Lot 44: Extension Ladder
Lot 45: lot of Misc steel, plating, grating and tubular pieces
Lot 46: Extra Head for Debarker V206
Lot 47: Balance of Pallet Contents
Lot 48: 11 various size steel racks buy 1 x the money
Lot 61: Blower (exposed to heat)
Lot 70: Lumber Package Breakdown Hoist, (2) Strand infeed package deck to scissors lift / breakdown hoist is hydraulic includes stick drop out conveyor and lumber catch table w/ on board hydraulic power pack and operator’s controls
Lot 71: Dewalt Chop Saw w/ Stand, (No metal collector pipe included)
Lot 72: 1999 Weinig 12” Unimat U23E Moulder, 6 head machine Machine# 86076’ 230 Volt 7” X 12” Capacity with mounted control’ panel and AB Panel View Screen’ Includes dust trees to joint at main collector pipe as mark or noted
Lot 73: 73-80, Weinig 12”x 7” Moulder heads and tooling to be sold in lots
Lot 81: Horizontal Band Sizing Saw, Top cut Horizontal Band Saw
18” Wheel , 1-1/4” Band 8” W X 10”
Lot 82: Cemco 1000 top belt sander , 8 to 10”thick. 36”wide belt W bypass slider frame skate roll attached for by pass section
Lot 83: Northfield pop up saw Model 410S, S/N B170132-G
Lot 84: Metzgar Model 440-18-6 powered roll case , 16”wide steel roll S/N A86304
Lot 85: 18-1/2’ Metzgar Model 440-18-6 9”w/ stop button, Powered.
S/N A86304
Lot 86: Belt waste conveyor 10’ x 18”under chop saw, W/ gear motor drive w side aprons
Lot 87: Feed through pop up defect and squaring saw, Pre entry to end matchers Includes dust tree.
Lot 88: End Matchers Tongue and Grove RH and LH, W/ slat feed table to process wide thick material such’ as log siding and plank flooring and paneling
Lot 89: Free standing guard rail 6” X 39” (6)
Lot 90: WG Benjy Model 2023HH Log profiling (3) Head, this produces
a hand scrape effect (1) for 5” material’ (2) for 8” material Includes feed through from end matchers to lot #91 packing table
Lot 91: packing table with gravity rolls
Lot 92: OSHA House for profiler
Lot 93: Autoquip 4,000 pound scissors lift , 4’ X 8’ top and mounted on casters
Lot 94: Morgan single head bottom cut resaw . Low wear , horizontal
resaw with return, Machine is on casters with a very’ long plug in power cord for mobility.
Lot 95: Wadkin (5) Head feed through moulder 8” X 4”
Lot 96: 96-100 Tooling for Wadkin
Lot 97: Fridge
Lot 101: Autoquip 4,000 scissors lift 4’ X 8’
Lot 102: Dewalt Chop Saw with Stand
Lot 103: Champion Advantage 5 HP Air Compressor, Horizontal Tank mount with motor controls
Lot 104: Sullair SRHT Model HRA15-2 Air Dryer
Lot 105: Lincoln 225 Stick Welder
Lot 105A: Carquest 7100 battery charger and starter
Lot 106: Caterpillar Model F-30 Type E Electric Forklift, with side shift S/N . 3D80368 (3) wheel hard rubber tires
Lot 107: Enforcer Ferro Model EF3-18-680 Forklift Charger
Lot 108: Stihl 56RC Weedeater
Lot 109: Stihl 56RC weedeater
Lot 110: Lincoln Weld Pac 200
Lot 111: Parts Washer
Lot 112: 112-120. Tooling room parts, Lots will be broken out of this room.
Lot 121: Electrical in Main Building Check to See if sold with Real Estate
Lot 122: Electrical entrances in main manufacturing building. subject to sell of real estate
Lot 123: Transformer in Main Manufacturing Building Subject to Sale of Real Estate
Lot 124: 400 AMP Main in Main Mfg Bldg subject to sale of real estate
Lot 125: 400 AMP Main in Main Mfg. Bldg subject to sale of real estate
Lot 135: Torit Bag House w/ Cyclone Collector Complete Dust Collection System, w/ rotary air lock system, high frequency unit and assist fans to discharge into wood waste trailers.
This system is specifically designed for high air volume & heavy dust loading common to woodworking. Incl. spark detector & Clog Alarm (Electrical Separate)
Lot 136: Koger 60” Main Collector Fan, Includes transfer pipe from fan to baghouse only’ no intake pipe
Lot 137: All collector pipe for dust collection throughout plant except tree sections marked with machines
Lot 138: Electrical panel Inside by End Matchers with Dust Collection Controls
Lot 139: Square D Model 6 MCC w/ PLC for clearing and Stoppage w/ alarm
Lot 140: Complete dust collection system sold with a 10% raise, All Items 135-139 totaled and offered as one lot with a 10% raise’ and bidding continues until the hammer falls
Lot 141: Roundamat Model 925 Profile Grinder
Lot 142: Tank Mount Air Compressor 1 cylinder out of order
Lot 143: Chop saw with conveyor and stop
Lot 144: Swisher zmax XZT60 60” zero turn mower 285 hours
Lot 145: OSHA Guard Rail in Main Mfg Bldg selling in one lot
Lot 147: 7 material carts 1 times the money
Lot 154: reddy torpedo heater . 150,000 BTU
Lot 155: 25 HP Electric Motor
Lot 200: Morbark PS8 Post Peeler. 50 HP w/ axle and tongue s/n 699, portable post peeler
Lot 201: 20’ X 16” Gravity roll case at post peeler
Lot 202: 27’ X 16” gravity roll case at post peeler
Lot 203: 100 AMP Safety Switch and Motor Control for 50 HP Peeler Motor, Light panel is not included goes with building
Lot 204: 4’ drill w/ movable head
Lot 205: Sizer Daddo with Hydraulic Pack (mounted)
Lot 206: (4) Material Carts (1) X the Money
Lot 210: One Lot of Hand Tools
Lot 215: Ryobi Chop Saw w/ Table
Lot 216: Cat 5000 pound pallet jack
Lot 217: Banding Tools and Cart
Lot 218: 4’ X 8’ Material cart
Lot 225: (2) Chamber Bold Design Package Dry Kilns w/ Gas Boiler (In operation), each chamber 27-1/2 X 36’ X 22’ approx 40MBF EA’ 1966 Johnson steam boiler #H2453 Ferrysburg, MI’ w/ water conditioning system reclaim pump and preheat’ with controls Complete System
Lot 226: Rockwell Radial Arm Saw
Lot 227: Peterson water fire protection pump w/ Clarke generator & Eaton controls, 30 x 15’ = 450 sq. ft. coated metal siding enclosed building w/ insulation
Lot 235: 1999 John Deere 44H Front End Loader, S/N DW544HX572157, Bucket sells separately
Lot 236: 2000 Komatsu WA300-3 Wheel Loader, S/N 54011
Lot 236A: Bucket for Komatsu WA300-3
Lot 236B: Fork Attachment
Lot 236C: Trailer Spotter to receive forks
Lot 236D: Hi-Lift Tink Bucket, S/N R918913
Lot 236E: JB Bucket . B4754 w/ quick connect. s/n W23958562
Lot 237: John Deere Forklift Model JD 486E, 4-WD, S/N T0486EX893612
Lot 238: John Deere Forklift, 4 WD, Model 486E S/N T0486EX881132
Lot 239: Diamond Plate Clean Up bucket (receives forks)
Lot 240: 1999 Freightliner Tractor , S/N 1FUY3WEB9XPA32661
Lot 241: 2006 Strickland Enclosed Trailer, S/N 1S12E95347E514345
Lot 242: 2006 53’ Hyundai Enclosed Trailer, Model # V112530152AJS,
S/N 3H3V532C96T081093
Lot 243: 1996 Trailmobile Trailer, Model # 01JA-1RAY, S/N 1PT-01JAH7T9004117
Lot 244: Gravity Flow Fuel Tank
Lot 245: 2006 Strickland Enclosed Trailer, S/N 1S12E95327E514120
Lot 246: 2006 Strickland Enclosed Trailer, S/N 1S12E95357E514127
Lot 246A: 2010 Ford Fusion, S/N 3FAHP0HA4APZ07414
Lot 250: Budgit 1 Ton Crane
Lot 251: Budget 1 ton crane
Lot 252: Jet 1 Ton Crane
Lot 253: Jet 1 Ton Crane
Lot 254: Caterpiller LP Forklift w/ side shift Model GC30K, S/N AT83001116
Lot 255: WG Benjy Custom Log Peeler S/N 7850
Lot 256: DSMC top single surfacer opens to 10” s/n 63-3877
Lot 257: Dewalt Chop Saw
Lot 258: American MC Belair Tank Mount Air Compressor . 7.5 hp
Model 318L SN 50176
Lot 259: Benzer Machine # 9920 Type RSA-2 small log peeler
Lot 260: Poiner Making Station with Various size cutter heads
Lot 261: Michigan Knife Grinder Model 20 S/N 145
Lot 262: Delta W6030 Drill Press S/N 013570, with roll case stand
Lot 264: Delta DJ-30 jointer Model 37-360 S/N CKM00576
Lot 265: Rockwell International RT40 table saw
Lot 266: Delta Uni Saw Table Saw
Lot 267: Rockwell Series 18-RAS Radial Arm Saw. S/N . FK4784
Lot 268: Omga Radial arm saw Model 700/7
Lot 268A: Rockwell Drill Press
Lot 269: Delta Model 97 band saw
Lot 270: Baldor Bench Grinder
Lot 271: Baldor Bench Grinder
Lot 272: Jet JWBS-14CS Band Saw
Lot 273: Delta 14” Band Saw
Lot 274: Dewalt Radial Chop Saw
Lot 275: 36” Blower outside SDP Building
Lot 276: Collector pipe in SPD Building
Lot 277: Roll lift pallet jack
Lot 278: Self Dumping Hopper Approx 2 1/2 yards
Lot 279: Delta Band Saw
Lot 280: Daddo Machine w/Control box
Lot 300: 4’ Stacking Sticks on yard
Lot 301: Finished Goods + Inventory to Sell.

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