NOTICE: Boyne City Commission 8-27-19

August 27, 2019 – Approved the August 13, 2019 City Commission regular meeting minutes; Approved the August 20, 2019 City Commission work session; Approved to purchase five sets of Fire Dec fire gear in the amount of $11,580; Approved to award a purchase order contract for road deicing salt to Compass Minerals of 9900 West 10th Street, Suite 600 Overland, KS 66210 in an amount not-to-exceed $47,766 per the State of Michigan bids; Approved to table the approval of the agreement with TOMMBA for the development, maintenance and use of a portion of the city property on Old Horton Bay Road for one month to clarify issues and have TOMMBA review; approved a purchase order contract for 167 tons of Washington Ball Mix from Stonequest of 6245 State Street, Saginaw MI, 48603 in an amount not-to exceed $17,200; approved to award a purchase order contract for rental of a tub grinder to Vermeer Midwest of 1098 Franklin Street, Marne MI 49943 in an amount not-to-exceed $59,000; approved to adopt Public Works Policy & Procedure PW_001 entitled “Memorial Benches, Trees & Landscape Rock” as presented
Cindy Grice, City Clerk/Treasurer

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