Nearly 2M Michiganders to bet on March Madness

As March Madness continues through April 8, here are some surprising statistics regarding betting on college basketball.

As Michigan State prepares to play in its 10th overall Final Four appearance, 19 percent of Michigan residents were projected to place a bet or make a tournament bracket—a rate that is well above the national average.

As the single biggest sporting event of the year, March Madness will generate more than twice as many wagers than the Super Bowl.

New data from the American Gaming Association (AGA) shows:

  • Of the 47 million American adults who planned to wager on or fill out a bracket for March Madness, only 10 percent of bettors have their favored team still in play:
    • Four percent picked Michigan State University;
    • Five percent picked the University of Virginia;
    • One percent picked Texas Tech University; and
    • 0.009 percent picked Auburn University – meaning just one out of the 11,002 people surveyed made this pick.
  • Nearly 6-in-10 Americans, not just bettors, said they would find the final four games more entertaining to watch on TV if they had bet on one of them to win the tournament.

Michigan belongs to the wave of states looking to pass sports betting legislation this year.

Already, eight states have created legal sportsbooks since it became possible in May 2018, with dozens more pursuing legislation this year.

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