MI Libertarians oppose more road taxes

Delegates to the Libertarian Party of Michigan state convention made their feelings about Gretchen Whitmer’s 45¢/gallon gas tax increase clear last Saturday April 13.


They expressed their typical opposition to all taxes while hinting at out-of-the-box solutions like private roads.

They also aligned themselves with the mainstream of the electorate by pointing to the historically lopsided defeat of a more modest road tax proposal in 2015.

Over two-thirds of those attending the event at the Courtyard by Marriot in Bay City voted to support this resolution:

Whereas a tax on gas for roads was rejected by the voters in 2015;

Whereas the vote in 2015 was the largest defeat in Michigan history of a ballot proposal to amend the state constitution;

Whereas the legislature increased taxes in Michigan since the aforementioned defeat;

Whereas the state of Michigan takes in more than enough revenue to pay for road maintenance; Whereas the state spends that revenue on non-essential, self-serving or harmful, projects;

Whereas voluntary alternatives such as private roads are worthy of consideration;

Whereas taxation is theft;

Be it resolved, that we oppose any increase in the Michigan gas tax, or in any other tax.


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