Ten years of the Boyne City Gazette

Boyne City Gazette Publisher Chris Faulknor (far right) is pictured with a number of Boyne City community and business leaders back in November 2010, when the Boyne City Gazette opened its new office. The Gazette began publishing its weekly community newspaper the first week of September, 2009.

Editorial by Chris Faulknor, Boyne City Gazette Publisher

Ten years ago this week, I ventured around Charlevoix County at 4 a.m. with a pile of newspapers.

They were the first issue of the Boyne City Gazette, and I had no idea what the next 10 years would bring.


What began as an idea between Ben and I at a picnic table in his backyard has evolved into a thriving business.

We began in the heart of the Great Recession, during a time when “Print is dead” was the popular viewpoint.

And yet it has worked.

We’ve proven that the idea of a community newspaper is something still valued in Northern Michigan.

Parents still find value in cutting out photos of their children to hang on the fridge.

Businesses still gain value through print ads.

Citizens still find the newspaper—our newspaper—to be the source of information on what happened during local meetings and what is happening in the area.

Having been in business for 10 years, I have a couple of things to say.

First, I have some people to whom I owe heartfelt thanks.

I’ll start with by business partner, Ben Gohs.

Ben took a chance in starting the Gazette with me.

He left a good job with a stable company to work toward a vision we shared together.

Not only that but he chose a business partner who had never sold advertising or written a news article.

Thank-you for sticking it out with me all of these years.

Continuing on, I owe my family gratitude as well.

My grandfather, now deceased, saved each issue of the Boyne City Gazette.

Hearing him brag about it to his friends gave me a lot of the pride and confidence I needed to keep going when times were tough.

My mother started her show of support by having a pillowcase made for me with the front page of issue #1 on it … and she hasn’t stopped.

Sometimes it’s calling to say “Chris, there are ladies walking around downtown holding signs. You might want to get here.”

Other times, it’s simply letting me vent.

Regardless, I owe her.

My wife and family put up with it day after day, too.

I spend part of Thanksgiving taking photos of the Turkey Trot and the community Thanksgiving dinner at the Eagles Club.

Part of Christmas is spent taking pictures.

Halloween will always involve just as many photos of everyone else’s kids as it does our own.

Yet, they continue to support me and believe in my dream.

They are always ready to run off to the next event with me, and they keep me strong when I get discouraged.

Really, though, I have so many more people to thank.

There are the advertisers who bought ads that first week in a product that only existed in our minds.

There are the people who keep telling me they enjoy my columns.

Everyone who believes in what we do will always have my gratitude.

Thank-you to everyone for a wonderful 10 years.

Thank-you for believing in community journalism … and believing in us.

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