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Concerns with Kirtland, trouble with Trump, and gratitude from the Women’s Resource Center in this week’s letters to the editor.


Kirtland concerns
Once again my senses are insulted by Kirtland’s pellet plant.
Four miles distant, the rumble and stink of Kirtland presents itself on the wind.
How this business continues to insult Boyne City and its distant surroundings is a mystery.
Noise complaints, unmitigated.
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s 2016 decision to allow Kirtland to double its noxious emissions, on the basis of “computer” models, without benefit of on-site or proximity testing.
The reply being, “It’s cost prohibitive.”
The proximity being the entire Boyne City Public School complex, preschool through grade 12, within yards of this offending plant.
Maybe it’s time for Boyne City’s brain trust to reconsider.
Michael Smith
Boyne City

WRC Thankful
All of us at the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan are grateful for the generous outpouring of support during the Safe Home Harvest Food and Supply Drive.
Individuals and groups donated non-perishable foods, household goods, gifts, personal care items, grocery gift cards and financial contributions that resonate deeply with the women and children staying at the Safe Home who are working to rise above the physical and emotional pain of domestic abuse.
Please know that your kindness comforts, nourishes and surrounds survivors with a much-needed feeling of home as they warm a bowl of soup, take a hot bath, diaper their child, or read a book with their family.
One woman told us, “I appreciate everything. I feel that my life has meaning and there is help, no matter what, no matter when.”
Thank-you for making a difference!
We appreciate your kindness and caring.
Jamie Winters
Safe Home Coordinator

Shutdown Stinks
So Trump has shut down the government because he didn’t get the $5 billion for his wall.
Not the worst thing he has done.
The worst thing is denying, and hence ignoring, global warming.
Not only ignoring it—taking steps to worsen it by increasing production and use of fossil fuels.
Does he not care about his five children and eight grandchildren?
I guess not.
I guess he only cares about himself.
But, still, digging in his heels over this wall is bad.
We need immigrants!
A recent column by Michael Barone (12/25/18) notes that “American fertility [is] headed to [an] all-time low.”
According to this column, while our population has doubled, the birthrate has declined by 11 percent.
The problem is—who’s going to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as our, scattered, children and grandchildren get older?
My brother, Porter Abbott, has lived in Santa Barbara, Calif., for many years.
He says: “as someone who has had continued acquaintance with Mexican immigrants over 50 years, I would say they are more ambitious, more honest, harder working, and more inclined to live their faith than your average American. And certainly as passionate about family.”
Sounds good to me.
Barbara Abbott
Lake Leelanau