LETTERS – Marijuana legal but problematic

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Oppose the scourge of pot
Early November (2018) the citizens of Michigan opened Pandora’s Box at the voting booth when the recreational marijuana bill was passed.
Pandora will never be able to close the box’s lid. Its evils will be an added poison to assist tobacco and alcohol to further destroy our people and society.

I little doubt that marijuana will prove to be a medical gift to us.
Right now, a lot of research needs to be done before that can happen.
Its evil side will spur its evil long before that will happen.
The magazine “Women n’ Weed” gives the impression that a lot is known about marijuana.
It’s medical gift, if there is one, is yet to be known in full.
Lawmakers are so busy salivating over potential tax revenues that they have not put adequate regulations into place before releasing the tiger weed.
Seventy percent of tax revenues to the schools and thirty percent to the roads. Wonderful! Now our schools will be supported by drugs and gambling. October of 2017, the Boyne Gazette had an article about a preacher who was a stranger telling passing school students about Jesus Christ. The question was should we be concerned about that? Yet, all the while we build our local custom breweries, have sidewalk sales, tasting parties, and gathering places. Sure beats the family gathering around the dinner table, doesn’t it? Except, there the children might not see their favorite teacher, the off-duty policeman, their minster getting snockered.
Police who tired of arresting people for possessing an ounce of marijuana instead of hunting the big law breakers, can now visit the schools taking gummies and laced snacks from the students who didn’t want to be accosted by a strange preacher. They can even give comfort to employers whose workers are cheerfully out of sorts. How about the pilot who flies higher than his plane?
Don’t worry about our military, the Russians will take care of them. The very sad truth is that the marijuana bill would never pass in any state if people who say they are Christians and claim the name of Jesus Christ had not supported it.
In most of our towns and cities are many good hard working Christian people who could even yet get rid of the marijuana curse if we use the power of the protest and the vote to speak against those who endanger our society. Congress is full of dead wood. Vote them out of office. Impose term limits. Write letters. Do something! Most of us sit around on our pews and wait for someone else to do our jobs. Ask any mayor or pastor. God only asks us to do what we can. Being lazy and slothful never brings a blessing.
People who keep the pew seat warm and mouths gospel sweet things while waiting for someone else to do their job will at sometime give an account of their faithfulness or lack of it to God our father.
The newsprint and airways have long been singing marijuana’s praises while Christians are as quiet as an Egyptian tomb. Christians need to look at themselves as an army of one. When you don’t like the downhill slide of our society, write a letter. Our newspaper editors are defenders of our freedom to speak out! They often don’t like what goes on either, but they will defend your right to do so. Write your congressmen and women and even the president. They have a direct stake in what you think. Telephone them.
Often, you get a computer, they listen, but don’t bite.
Most of all, don’t worry about anybody else calling, writing, or speaking out. You are only responsible for what you do. God doesn’t hold you responsible for anyone else. You only answer for you. Don’t worry, God will join your army of one. We still have many good, concerned people in our towns. Even among those who don’t have any claim on Christ.
Elder Robert Simons
Boyne City