LETTERS: Keep Halloween costumes tasteful

I am writing to the community to bring attention to our Halloween activities and to remind us “To Keep Halloween Sweet!” for the children’s sake.

The children and adults have fun strolling the neighborhoods in costumes and collecting little sweets along the way.

Sometimes this is the only time I connect with some of my neighbors! We have so much fun greeting all our little “trick or treaters” and commenting on their costumes and of course if the children are a little older they know that on our porch they need to give a joke or riddle, a song or a dance to receive their treat!

But what distresses me is that some have digressed into accepting brutal, gory costumes with red blood-like substance flowing through their masks and carrying weaponry.

This is just so brutal for our children to experience. Little children do not differentiate between real and unreal like adults do, that is why childhood can be so magical.

Let’s not send our children home with nightmares and make this beautiful time of their lives come to a screeching halt so much so that they can no longer participate in such gruesomeness.

Pay attention folks to how you dress, decorate and what you do may be in your adult mind as good-natured scary fun, but not to a child.

It also may just be sending a message that it is all right to stab, shoot, and bloody your buddy. Good hunters teach their children a proper respect for guns and they are not used for fun.

Walking the streets at Halloween is not the time for weaponry.

The Young State Park had a fun spook trail for children and their families for several years and no one brought it to their attention that having bloodied baby dolls in grotesque postures with sticks through their skulls was deplorable and unacceptable for fun, especially for a family fun event.

It took someone noticing and sharing with others what was being used for fun at the park.

Many people called from the community asking them to remove the baby dolls from the path and they graciously did.

What they once thought was OK for Halloween fun, they now realized maybe its not. The response I’ve heard from people is that the path was still a wonderful success without gory baby dolls hanging from the trees.

I would like to say thank-you to all who called and for the favorable response from the park ranger.

So pay attention to how you are decorating and to the costumes you wear.

Making yourself into a bum or a computer from items at home can be just as much fun, if not more, then buying a costume with bloodiness and gore.

There are lots of folktale characters and cartoon characters to dress up as. And adults dressing up at their homes, well … be careful too and lets Keep Halloween Sweet for our children.
Fawn Glassford
Boyne City


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