LETTERS – Boyne students need flu vaccine

I was alarmed to read in the 1-23-2019 Boyne City Gazette that Boyne City Public Schools (BCPS) closed for three days (Jan. 16-18) due to the large number of children sick from a strain(s) of influenza (flu).


One assumes that the vast majority of the school children, who became ill, had not been vaccinated against this season’s strain(s) of the flu.

Knowing that parents and guardians want to do what is best for their child, what are the root causes of so many sick school children?

Too busy? Access (transportation, medical provider, location)?





I hope that BCPS, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, other organizations, and Community members are:

1) analyzing why this happened

2) planning measures to keep children flu-free during the next flu season

3) strategizing other actions to avert school closings caused by large numbers of children sick with the flu during the next flu season.

As of 2-1-2019, there have already been two flu-related child deaths in Michigan.

Why risk a child’s health during the next flu season?

To keep BCPS schools open and students healthy, I hope BCPS parents and guardians take the initiative before and during the next flu season to pro-actively keep their children from contracting the flu, a vaccine-preventable illness.

By reducing the risk of children contracting the flu, BCPS parents and guardians will help ensure that:

1) their children attend a complete school year

2) their children have no interruption in extracurricular/sports/club activities, and 3) BCPS and the Community use resources productively.
Freda Kjolhede
Alexandria, Virginia