Hunting on public lands? Mind the rules

U.S. Rep Jack Bergman encourages hunters to utilize public lands and reminds them of regulations.

“I wanted to send out some quick information for our hunters as you embark on your hunting trip on Michigan’s federally owned lands,” he said. “As a rule of thumb, all Michigan state laws apply on federal lands, and additional regulations will be in place.”

When hunting on Federal property, remember:

  • Michigan law regarding hunting blinds, tree stands, and raised platforms applies
  • Failure to remove ANY type of blind, structure, equipment or trash will result in a fine and removal, destruction, impoundment and/or seizure of any abandoned or illegally placed item
  • Constructing or maintaining any food plot or any artificial garden to attract wildlife is prohibited
  • Blocking gates or road access is prohibited
  • Dragging forest roads is prohibited
  • Discharging a weapon within 150 yards of a building, campsite or occupied area or across or on a National Forest road or body of water is prohibited
  • Guiding on National Forest land requires a federal special use permit.

Michigan is home to the Hiawatha National Forest, the Huron-Manistee National Forests, and the Ottawa National Forest.

Nearly all of the state’s over 3.5 million acres of federal land is in the First District.

We proudly work to conserve our natural resources and Michigan hunters contribute millions of dollars annually to conservation efforts.

Whether you’re hunting on public or private land, I hope you have a safe and successful hunt and enjoy your time spent in this beautiful part of the world we call home.

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