Hope for Boyne’s log cabin?

boyne chamber building log cabin

Could the little log cabin in Boyne City’s Veterans Park become a visitor center?

That’s what one city official mentioned during a brief preliminary discussion on the matter during the Boyne City Commission’s Tuesday April 9 meeting.

Boyne City Commissioner Hugh Conklin discussed his hopes for the short-term life of the old log cabin building, which has long housed the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce.

“I think it’s a really important building for the community and I’d like to see if we could somehow (have) it be open this summer for a volunteer staff visitor center while we … see what it might take to find a new life for it,” Conklin said at the tail end of last week’s meeting. “I’d hate to see it close this summer. People are going to kind of wonder where our visitor center is.”

The Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce will be moving to its new location of 115 South Lake St. on May 1.

Boyne City Mayor Tom Neidhamer asked if this issue would be forthcoming as an agenda item.

Boyne City Manager Michael Cain said the matter will formally come before the city commission at a future meeting.

Discussion on the matter was prompted by the inclusion in the commission’s agenda packet of a property inspection on the 28 South Lake St. site.

“The Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce is extremely fortunate and grateful to have operated at 28 South Lake St. for decades,” wrote Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Board President John Cool in a memo to the city. “However, we have decided to explore moving to a larger and more professional workspace.”

The Boyne chamber of commerce has leased from the city since March 4, 1940.

“While the chamber has been a great tenant over these past 79-plus-years and we will miss having you there, I fully understand and appreciate your decision,” Cain wrote in response to Cool’s memo.

The property inspection performed by Smith & Co. did not include reporting on hazardous materials, air quality, nor buried tanks.

The March 4 report does outline potentially significant issues relating to cost and safety.

Following are highlights from the report’s findings:

  • The condition of the logs is paramount to the overall structure.
  • There are many logs that are compromising the structure.
  • It is unclear the extent of the damage with the solid stain on the log and the exterior temperature too cold for a moisture meter to work accurately.
  • There is definitely a serious issue here and it is recommended to have further evaluation when the temperatures go above 40 degrees.
  • There are also cracks in the foundation (at left) which could cause structural movement.
  • There are issues with the heating system—potential hazardous combustion products entering the structure.
  • Windows leak.
  • The roof has issues.
  • Floors are uneven.
  • There are some electrical safety issues.
  • The furnace operated properly at the time of inspection.

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