Free agriculture workshops

Learning to eliminate waste in order to benefit your agricultural business.

North Central Michigan College’s Corporate and Community Education (CCE) department is offering free Lean agriculture workshops in April.

Seating is limited and you must register in advance.

All workshops are from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. in Room 536 of the Student and Community Resource Center.

Lean principles can be applied to almost every system.

The focus is on making improvements every day and trying to eliminate waste.

Over time, these principles have shown solid massive benefits to the product outcome of any business, including agriculture.

Come and hear real-life current examples of lean agriculture from a local farmer. Trainings are led by Wendy Babcock, Serendipity Farms Owner and Lynn Turner, Corporate Educator and Business Owner.

Introduction to Lean Agriculture on Monday, April 8, will focus on the benefits of “lean” and how using these business strategies can provide a real impact to a bottom line. This session looks at the strategy of 5S —How to improve ways individuals work and begin to change the view of work to constant improvement.

The Waste in Farming and the Lean Approach on Wednesday, April 10 looks at “lean” waste. Learn about the eight specific types of waste during processes along with ideas to reduce them. This workshop helps people understand what creates waste in individual processes and begin to get rid of it.

The Lean Kaizen Approach on Friday, April 12 is all about making positive change and constant improvement. These skills provide an approach to discovery and a sharing of ideas and improvements. Participants can make their operations run more consistently (given all the variables of farming) and build their plan to improve the bottom line.

To register, call 231-348-6613, email or visit, click on Community & Events, Corporate and Community Education Workshops.


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