Faulknor tries Boyne Bike Share

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By Chris Faulknor, Publisher

So there I was without a car.

Over the years, many of my columns have either begun or ended with a lack of transportation, so I’ve gotten used to handling this scenario.

I knew that, with my wife having taken the car to get her work done, I would be spending most of the day on foot, and that didn’t bother me.

But all that changed as I was walking toward Boyne City Hall for an interview.


I walked past the log cabin that used to house the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce and I saw a small tent in back.

I thought to myself, “What’s with the tent?”

I took a brief detour to investigate and found a bunch of bicycles with a banner that read “Boyne Bike Share, borrow a bike and bring it back for others to enjoy.”

Let’s be clear here: I haven’t ridden a bike in over 15 years. But I asked myself, “Do you really want to walk the rest of the way to city hall?”

And so I took one, hopped on, and started riding.

A minute or so later I was at a destination that would have taken another five minutes by foot.

Better yet, I was realizing that, with traffic, driving a car might have taken even longer.

I didn’t crash, didn’t swerve into traffic, and didn’t even hit a passerby, so I continued riding that bike throughout the course of my day.

I visited businesses, met with people, and even took photos as I rode that bike around.

So now I feel it’s necessary to thank those who put those bikes out there for simplifying my transportation, brightening my day, and even giving me back a small piece of my childhood.

More importantly, though, I’d like to thank the people of Boyne City for creating an environment where something like that is even possible, because there are parts of our state where those bikes might not have made it a day.

They simply would have been taken … never to return.

Yet, in Boyne City, they always make it back to where they belong.

I forget at times how fortunate we are here to have such an honest and caring community.

So, thank-you to all who made this a reality.

If you see me out and about on a bike, don’t worry, I won’t run into you (on purpose) and you shouldn’t have to pick me up off the ground.

But I might stop and say “hello” because that’s simply not something I can do while driving a car.


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