Daggett kayak event changes

Camp Daggett announces that the 11th annual Kayak for a Cause on Walloon Lake will be scheduled for Saturday only, July 20, 2019.


This year a small representative group of adults who enjoy the sport of recreational kayaking will tour the shoreline around Walloon Lake led by Karen Marietti, director of the Camp Daggett Adventure Center (CDAC).

The proceeds from this event will support CDAC programming for youth.

Camp extends its gratitude to all who have already supported one of our kayakers, purchased dock flags or made a donation.

Due to the many other events and obligations that have arisen for many of our regular participants, Camp is changing the format this year and it will be a one-day event.

Paddlers will be riding on a Camp Daggett pontoon boat for some stretches of the lake and paddling others, particularly in those areas where many of the Walloon Lake residents purchased dock flags.

Walloon Lake residents and visitors are invited to join in the paddle if on the lake on July 20.

The Kayak event will be begin at 8:45 a.m. at Camp Daggett on Saturday, ending that day at around 8:30 p.m.  A tentative schedule can be found at https://www.campdaggett.org/annual-cause-walloon

For more information, contact Karen Marietti at 231-347-9742 ext. 117 or  karen.marietti@campdaggett.org.


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