Cut ’em off at the pass

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Guest Commentary by East Jordan’s Mitch MacKay

YOU CAN SEE IT COMING, like 20th Century Fox Western Movies, the showdown.

This sideshow has been transpiring for two years and more with cliffhanger synopses throughout.

There are already a dozen books published and thrice that indicted cohorts.

Kids at the Saturday matinee know the score.

Oddly, the drama is played out in slow motion, ostensibly for Constitutional adherence, intrinsically for the drama itself.


News anchors and panelists provide a steady diet of commentary intrigue, internet sites scramble to solicit signatures and donations.

This has been a boon for television and presumably for movies to come.

But where does it all end?

There are many optional endings and logically some showdown will occur.

But it could also fade into non-ending pseudo-resolve lost to distorted history.

As is known from reports like the Warren and such, slam-dunk victories don’t convince, rather leave the question dangling more due to potential of cover-up.

We all know there are ample reasons for cover-up.

Though this current affair drops into the depths of soap opera it is nonetheless a danger to the world.

Larry, Moe and Curly are unfit to manage our affairs.

Surprising as it is that the para-dynasty continues to act out political attack, it is crumbling before our eyes daily, posses converge, multiple Marshalls and Sheriffs deputize for action, Judge Roy Bean’s stagecoach is en route.

Righteous indignation reaches a fever pitch and it is a wonder that more vigilantes and assassins haven’t been sighted.

As to the misinterpretation that the mob boss is unaware of his henchmen’s foibles, that can be proven false by watching THE GODFATHER Parts-I/II.

Rule comes from top down, always has, always will.

It’s absurd to imagine otherwise.

The audience can feel the tension building.

There is a psychological base to all this.

A sort of mass hysteria-hypnosis is involved, not unenjoyable in many cases, like the old freewheeling bad guys perfected in outwitting the crooked bankers and the realtors, dirty cops and public servants.

This is what the public thought they were getting, many still do.

That’s where the process of double-think illusion enters.

This country was disillusioned by the letdown in economic buoyancy, especially since the Great Recession in which so many lost so much yet the financiers were bailed out, the public merely stimulated and left to their dwindling income.

There loomed Great Depression 2.0 which was blocked by government’s hasty intervention but blame was already cast due to timing, and the public bought the ticket to Never-Never-land Oz without question.

Psychologically, “buyers’ remorse” is mitigated by “cognitive dissonance”, a reverse psychology method of achieving false justification termed “adaptive preference formation”, coping with oppression and deprivation leading to a “brainwashed” presentiment.

Nobody wants to think of oneself as a zombie so adjustment of any kind fungible is accepted.

The campaign message is still palatable even though it’s hollow because the need of addressing government dysfunction is all too real.

But the posses are coming.

Abiding by Constitutional standards is a suspended animation prequel trailer, a near still life with shibboleth of Scales of Justice and Our Lady of the Harbor.

It kinda works.

In slow-motion.

But it works.

We have yet to see how well and indeed IF due to the rotted metastasized core allowed to proliferate by a lobotomized legislature and a bewildered Court system.

Such anomalies have occurred before though not with the intensity of communications and transportation now prevalent.

This is not The Oxbow Incident, nor The Wrong Man; we know who we’re looking for and right there in plain sight.

He’s protected to weary degree by those who thought of him as Pretty Boy Floyd or Jesse James even though he acts more like Al Capone or John Dillinger.

Or, actually, Fred Trump senior and grandpa.

Donald Trump even had Roy Cohn, Joseph McCarthy’s mouthpiece, to represent him, that being how it was managed in that day but now not so much though aftereffects reverberate.

The outcome is obscure nonetheless.

A twist of fate, surprise ending, who knows?

Some there are who solemnly swear in public that Donald Trump was chosen by God Almighty Himself.

Others await a hangman’s noose, numbered jumpsuit of orange and a Swat Team arrest before dawn to initiate the process.

It does tantalize the senses to imagine an FBI raid on the White House.

There will be no Babble on The Mount forthcoming, of that we may be assured.

The interregnum remains foggy like a misty mountain-valley sunrise.

The fog will clear but the dawn is unclear.

Conventional wisdom has it that all walls are closing in.

And so it seems but there may be surprises yet.  We can’t judge this book because there’s no cover yet, no movie, only riders.


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