City meeting includes goals update

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Boyne City Commissioners considered a number of business items at their regular bimonthly meeting on Tuesday Oct. 22.
On the agenda were a proposed trails agreement, city goals update, engineering services for parks projects, and more.


Trails Agreement
Consideration to approve entering into a license agreement with TOMMBA on the development, maintenance and use of a portion of city-owned property in Evangeline Township for the purpose of completing the Boyne Forest Trail System.
Boyne City Public Works Director Tim Faas said that, in 2013, TOMMBA entered an agreement with the Boyne City Public Schools for the development and use of surplus school property known as the Boyne School Forest Trail for mountain biking.
Recently, TOMMBA entered a separate agreement with the Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy (WLAC) for the development, maintenance and use of 40 acres of recently acquired property west of the Boyne School Forest Trail for mountain biking.
Boyne City has been an interested and supportive partner with TOMMBA, WLAC and the Boyne City Public Schools to further the objective of adding more mountain biking trails in the region.
Boyne City owns an 80-acre property west of the above two properties that would be developed by TOMMBA for future trails connecting all three properties creating a network of trails for varying rider skill levels.
Boyne City also owns a property off of Old Horton Bay Road which would ideally serve as a trailhead and parking lot for access to the combined Boyne Forest Trail system. At its Aug. 8 meeting, the Boyne City Parks & Recreation Commission unanimously supported the request by TOMMBA to have the city commission enter an agreement for the development, maintenance and use of the city property.
Since that time, the city commission discussed the agreement and suggested a few changes that have now been reviewed by the city’s legal counsel.
All city commissioners agreed to go forward with the proposal.
Motion was approved 5-0

Balsam Street
Consideration of request to vacate the entirety of Balsam Place from Woodland Drive to Shady Lane.
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson discussed the application submitted to vacate the entirety of Balsam Place from Woodland Drive to Shady Lane.
Currently, four properties are accessed from Balsam Place which are 631, 639, 641 and 645 Woodland Street. The application petition includes 647 Woodland however it appears this property is not adjacent to Balsam Street and the access for the property is entirely within the Woodland Street right-of-way. Three of the properties are bisected by Balsam Street. If the street is vacated, permits for two new driveways from Woodland Street for 631 and 639 would be requested.
The remaining properties would continue to use the existing access and driveways as currently configured.
The motion to approve the request to vacate the entirety of Balsam Place from Woodland Drive to Shady Lane effective when all paperwork is done and the applicants are to provide easements for all utilities was approved 5-0.

Engineering Recommendation
A motion was made to award a contract to Beckett & Raeder to perform architectural & engineering services for the Avalanche & Open Space properties, and further that the scope of work also include an update to the City Parks & Recreation Master Plan for a total cost not-to-exceed $52,855, which is less than the $60,000 budgeted for the original scope.
The motion was unanimously approved.

Fireworks Ordinance
Motion to approve second reading of an amendment to the Boyne City Fireworks Ordinance as allowed/mandated by State law and adopt the amendment as presented
Unanimously approved.
See the ordinance details in the public notices section on page 7.

Goals update
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain gave commissioners an update on the city’s goals for 2018-2020 which were approved last January. Cain gave the quarterly updates for both July and October at last week’s meeting.
The first goal touched on was being excellent stewards of taxpayer dollars. Cain said Mike Wiesner is continuing to work on a five-year financial forecasting model, which is close to being ready for the city commission to look at.
With regards to the CIT program, Cain said the commission should see improvements with the budget approval process.
Goal two, engaging with the community and getting more citizen involvement, Cain said there haven’t been any significant changes to the city’s website but that the city is working to better inform the public regarding things like openings on city boards and committees.
Goal three, affordable housing availability, continues to be a priority as the Boyne Housing Solutions task force continues to have meetings with community members and stakeholders.
“We’ve inventoried some properties with regards to that,” Cain said, adding that he will be coming back to the city commission regarding bid specifications for a landbank opportunity.
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson spoke regarding property maintenance standards.
“We met with the city attorney to review the ordinance and adoption process and anticipate (coming) back to the city commission for further review and consideration probably late-November, early-December, so we can get that adopted by next Spring,” McPherson said.
Cain also discussed public parks and space, saying the city is moving forward with a lot more activity on good projects.
“We have more work to do with regards to coming up with financing issues for the marina,” Cain said, adding that now that the season has slowed the city can get into working on those issues.


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