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The work along Cedar Street in Boyne City continued on Monday Oct. 14. Photo by Chris Faulknor
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain told the Boyne City Commission that reconstruction on Cedar Street is nearly complete. Cedar Street is just one of many city projects, including the Veterans Park Pavilion, the city's tennis courts, and softball fields.

Boyne City Commission considered several items on a lighter-than-usual agenda at its regular bimonthly meeting on Tuesday Oct. 8.

New business before the board included a look at the city’s proposed storm water ordinance, consideration to approve a contract for the Michigan Avenue and North Lake Street resurfacing project, and a cyber insurance purchase.

City Manager Report

The meeting opened with Boyne City Manager Michael Cain’s usual report to the board.

  • Cain said work on the Boyne Mountain force main project is about completed. The project has been inspected and a punch list of final items is being prepared. The force main is now operational.
  • The Boyne City Pavilion in Veterans Park had its main overhead doors installed recently. The contractor also put in some temporary service doors so they can secure the building while construction takes place.
  • Reconstruction on Cedar Street is pretty much complete with just a few items left to take care of like a short section of curb.
  • On Terrace Street, the new water main passed all of its pressure and back-feed testing and the contractor is working on water and sewer connections, of which there are 22 water connections and 23 sewer connections on that street. “With all the recent rains, the project is about two weeks behind schedule and we’re now looking at an Oct. 25th completion date,” Cain said.
  • Rotary Park tennis court repairs update—workers needed a full week of nighttime temperatures in the high 50s in order for the sealant to cure. This means that no more coating work can be done this year. “They are coordinating with Payne & Dolan to mill the surface deeper and apply a new topcoat of asphalt and we’re hoping that can still be done this year—weather permitting,” Cain said. “Unfortunately, that means we’ll have to close the courts until spring.”
  • The brush grinding at North Boyne has been completed. Thanks to some experimentation, the city was able to process nearly twice the materials as normal at only half the cost.
  • Boyne City has joined East Jordan and Charlevoix to support a grant application to attempt to secure funding to study the viability of a single hauler curbside trash and recycling program in Charlevoix County. “There is no commitment from the city, financial or otherwise, other than our interest to explore this possibility,” Cain said. “Previous recent efforts to secure bids for such a service under Charlevoix’s leadership were not successful.”
  • In the coming weeks, the city will be assisting with two rubble retaining wall projects relating to high lake levels. “We’ll be allowing contractors that are working with the Harborage Marina and a private residence in the city to unload and store stone on our shoreline northwest of the Little League field, just west of us here, for approved projects.”
  • The Boyne City Farmers Market is moving into Boyne City Hall, on the first floor, on Saturday Oct. 19, and will remain there until the spring.
  • Stockpiles of the recently approved softball field dust have been received at Rotary Park and were scheduled to be applied last week.
  • Fall leaf pickup began Oct. 14 and continues through Monday Nov. 7 on Mondays and Fridays. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags.
  • At the next Boyne City Commission meeting—scheduled for noon on Tuesday Oct. 22—Cain anticipates conducting the city’s quarterly goals update and consider awarding bids for Avalanche and the Open Space.
  • Absentee ballots remain available at the city clerk’s office.

Storm Water Ordinance
Consideration of first reading of the Boyne City Storm Water Control Ordinance and schedule a second reading for Nov. 12.

Prior to 2006, Charlevoix County administered and regulated stormwater through the county’s stormwater management ordinance.

This was repealed in response to an attorney general opinion that counties could not enact stormwater ordinances because that power is not provided specifically by the state.

However, the opinion stated that cities and townships do have the authority.

With a SAW grant, Boyne City worked with Tipp of the Mitt Watershed Council and partnered with East Jordan and Charlevoix to develop a new ordinance. Go to to read the entire proposed stormwater ordinance.

A motion was unanimously approved to schedule a second reading of the ordinance—for public information and to take public comment—on Nov. 12.

Resurfacing project
Consideration to approve the contract with MDOT for the Michigan Avenue and North Lake Street project.
The current cost estimate is $325,900.

MDOT has programmed $209,907 in funding to help cover a portion of the cost of the road project.

The $115,993 difference will be paid for by the city’s Major Street Fund. The project is scheduled to go out for bids in December. If approved, construction would begin in spring of 2020.

Cyber Insurance
Consideration to obtain Cyber Insurance for $1,621 from the BCS insurance company for 2019-2020. According to the city, the need for cyber insurance has become more apparent due to the rise in ransomware attacks and similar criminal activity.
The motion was unanimously approved.


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