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BC Chamber
Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kim Akin said the chamber will move from its current location of 28 South Lake St. to 115 South Lake St.

The Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce has announced it will be moving.

In a Wednesday March 20 statement, Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kim Akin said the chamber will move from its current location of 28 South Lake St. to 115 South Lake St.

“While we have been extremely fortunate and grateful to utilize the city owned building … for decades as a chamber office, we felt it was time we explore a larger more professional work environment,” Akin said. “We have looked at various locations and have found a rental space we feel will meet our needs as a new location for the chamber office.”

At the chamber’s March 19 board of directors meeting, it was unanimously decided to move to the new location.

“It is with great excitement that, on May 1, we will open our doors at 115 South Lake St.,” Akin said. “Our address is new but our phone number and contact emails will not change.”

She added, “We appreciate your support and loyalty as a member which have allowed us to continue to grow. We plan to offer the same great services and benefits to our members just in a new location. We are hoping the move will be a seamless process with a possible closure of one or two days and will keep you updated as we move forward as to what those dates may be.”


  • richard fish

    I realize there have been size constraints over the years in your present location, however you are going from a easily identifiable location to a site that 90% of the public will not know where you are located.. And that is the locals.. New visitors will need a guide dog to find your office. Space is a premium in downtown Boyne City and difficult to find….Sorry I think it is a mistake….. Doc Fish

  • Bettylusmith

    I agree with doc fish, that building has been there for years and it’s well loved by us locals and easily recognized by our visitors

  • Maria eberett

    I have to agree with Doc Fish

  • Pat Schroeder

    New locale is only a block away. Those who want to keep the building obviously have not taken a good look inside. I have. Must have been a tremendously cold place to work this last winter. No decent heat, holes in walls, drafty windows. Tiny bathroom used also for storage. If not for garden club beauty in summertime you would see the decay from the outrside. Congrats to the Chamber.

  • Just another stupid move by boyne city this town sure isn’t what it used to be….

  • Becky Quackenbush

    This is so disheartening to allow a Staple of Our Towns History to be Just decide upon in this manner. Generations before new what they were doing. A log cabin built strong and sturdy marking the corners to say, “You have arrived, Welcome to Boyne City” You knew that you were in store for the most grand of all sunset, where families met at, pictures taken to remember that they were North and all our generations after will be denied this moment and what it means to so many in this town and the people who travel to visit us.
    It maybe the all mighty dollar to fix and preserve…but when as a community start do we start taking back to keep and maintain something that is an has been a Landmark for so many who live in Boyne City.
    I fear again to have to say to my grandson,
    “well, this was where your father played around the log house… which was where the Chamber was… and even a playground”
    Stop changing our small town, so very heart broken for our next generations to not know our towns heart and center of a feeling of home when see the Log Cabin.

  • Nancy Anderson

    As a life long Boyne City resident. I’m fine with the Chamber of Commerce moving.
    However I certainly hope that the significance of the ” little log cabins” history is not forgotten.
    The cabin was built during the depression by members of the CCC. Do not raze or alter this building. Please preserve it is a piece of living history.

  • P Hartwick

    Next concern will be what they will allow to buy and build there cause you know someone will want that corner.

  • I agree with Nancy. What is so costly to preserve this building? There are many that work construction that grew up in this town that would donate their time to help preserve this little cabin. They have done it for building our local preschool, the track and football field, and the wooden park. It may seem small but it’s near and dear to my heart and many others. Plus it could be utilized for other things as well. This building is a beautiful part of our towns history. So don’t destroy it.

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