Boyne Valley Catholic events


Boyne Valley Catholic Community is offering many opportunities to enrich your prayer life and spirituality beginning on October 6th the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Whole Community night – Unveiling of the Survey Our first whole community night is scheduled for Sunday Oct. 6. At this session, we will be unveiling the results of the pastoral council survey that was completed this summer. I urge everyone to come and be a part of a great discussion as to where we see our faith community heading, based upon the results of the survey.
We will be meeting at 5:30 pm at St. Matthew Church.

Children’s Faith Formation and Youth Ministry: Sundays at 5:30 pm at St. Matthew’s.

Little Rock: Mondays at noon at St. Augustine. All participants are asked to bring a lunch. Anyone interested is welcomed to attend!
For more info, please contact Joann Gibes at 549-2876.

Men’s Bible Study Group: The group meets on Tuesday morning at 6:30 am at St. Matthews. All men of the faith community are invited to attend.

RCIA: The RCIA group continues to meet on Tuesday evenings a 6:00 pm at St. Matthew’s.
Anyone interested in learning about the Catholic faith and a possible journey to the Church is welcome to attend.
Someone asked me the other day if it was too late to join the process since we have been meeting all summer.
It is never too late to join! If you know of someone who has an interest in Catholicism, please invite them to be a part of RCIA. If you would rather have me call them, please provide me with their contact information. Please continue to pray for those who are in the inquiry process.

Book Club: The fall session of the Book Club will begin on October 8th. This fall, the group will be reading “Letter for a Suffering Church” by Bishop Robert Barron. I have read this book, and it is very well done. The group will be meeting at 10:00 am at St. Matthew’s. If someone is interested in an evening discussion group, please let me know. We will need to find a facilitator and day. If you are interested in the book club, and need a book, please give me a call.

Mass with the Anointing of the Sick: October 10th at 11:00 am at St. Augustine’s. If you would like to help by making some sandwiches for this please see the signup sheet or contact Geneva Towne at 549-2495 or Della Sevenski at 582- 9186

Come join us and pray the Rosary every Saturday: at 9 am at St. Matthew’s for the protection of our Church and our nation.


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