Boyne Valley Catholic events

The Boyne Valley Catholic Community is offering many opportunities to enrich your prayer life and spirituality beginning on September 1st the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time:

Daily Mass:  Is being held on Thursday’s at 8:00 am at St. Augustine’s and at 8:00 am on Friday’s at St. Matthew’s. This will be our regular weekly schedule. Please join us for morning worship.

Little Rock:   The Little Rock Scripture today group will begin its fall study on Monday, September 9th at noon at St. Augustine’s. This fall, the group will be studying the book of Jerimiah. There will be eleven sessions with this study, which will conclude on November 18th. All participants are asked to bring a lunch. Anyone interested is welcomed to attend! For more information, please contact Joann Gibes at 549-2876.

Men’s Bible Study Group:   The group meets on Tuesday morning at 6:30 am at St. Matthews.  All men of the faith community are invited to attend.

RCIA:  The RCIA group continues to meet on Tuesday evenings a 6:00 pm at St. Matthew’s. Anyone interested in learning about the Catholic faith and a possible journey to the Church is welcome to attend. Someone asked me the other day if it was too late to join the process since we have been meeting all summer. It is never too late to join! If you know of someone who has an interest in Catholicism, please invite them to be a part of RCIA.
If you would rather have me call them, please provide me with their contact information. Please continue to pray for those who are in the inquiry process.

Come join us and pray the Rosary every Saturday:  at 8 am at St. Matthew’s for the protection of our Church and our nation.





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