Boyne schools reopens following flu scare

By Benjamin J. Gohs, Editor

Boyne City Public Schools was back in session on Monday Jan. 21 following a three-day shutdown over health concerns last week.

The school closed Jan. 16-18 after a high number of students became ill with a strain of influenza.

“We are back to normal attendance patterns this morning in all programs,” said Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Pat Little on Monday Jan. 21. “Even with the very cold temps, our students and staff are back in class today.”


He added, “In the end, with the support of the Boyne Area Medical Center and the Charlevoix Health Department, the decision of closing for three days was the correct course of action to get a full remedy to the illness issue. It required extra-curricular events being changed and exams were moved to this week.”

On Monday Jan. 14, Boyne City Elementary School had significantly lower attendance than is normal with 45 percent of students being absent.

On Tuesday Jan. 15, attendance was slightly lower at the elementary school. The high school and middle schools remained in a normal attendance pattern.

As the day progressed on Jan. 15, absences continued at the middle school causing the district to consider other actions.

Reportedly, the cause of many illnesses is Influenza A.

Michigan schools get six days forgiven from the total of 180 days of school if weather, illness, or other circumstances out of the district’s control happen.

Beyond the six days, the district would have to make up canceled days or appeal to the state superintendent for forgiveness of the canceled days. So far, BCPS has had four canceled days of school.

Last year, they had six days.


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