Boyne City Police weekly reports

Monday November 18
0100 Suspicious vehicle parked on Haven Ct
1052 Parking complaint in the alley behind the 500 block of S Lake St
1105 Vehicle unlock in the 400 block of N Lake St
1314 Assist EMS in the 500 block of S Park St

Tuesday November 19
1004 Vehicle unlock on Fall Park Rd
1120 Assist FD with alarm in the Industrial Park
1452 Larceny reported from the 300 block of E Cedar St
1701 Report a possible bond violation from Adams St.
1758 Assist Sheriff Dept, Crozier Rd.
Wednesday November 20
1118 Request for welfare check on North St. Natural Death.
1258 Report of a young child not restrained in a vehicle on Boyne Av
1522 Report of possible child abuse on Adams St
1824 Report of possible suicidal subject in the 200 block of W. Cedar St,
1940 Arrested subject for warrant on Mountain Rd.

Thursday November 21
0149 Arrested subject for OWI at S Park and Lincoln
1002 Report of possible child pornography on Instagram. Unfounded.
1316 Threats complaint from the 1000 block of Boyne Av
1454 911 hang up in the 100 block of E Main St.
1511 PR at school bus loading/departure.
1929 Assist Sheriff Dept at Old Horton Bay Rd. and City Limits with downed tree

Friday November 22
0618 Assist Sheriff Dept at M-75 N and Old 75,
0714 Vehicle unlock at Lake and Water
0954 Arrested subject for domestic violence in the 300 block of E Division St.
1707 Report of juveniles on the deck at the harborage on skateboards and bikes.

Saturday November 23
810 Vehicle unlock in the 800 block of S Park St.
1058 Natural Death in the 1000 block of Pleasant Av.
1148 Funeral assist M-75 S to Boyne Falls

Sunday November 24
0102 Report of an assault that happened earlier on W Main St.
1154 Assist Sheriff Dept on M-75 N
1207 Animal bite reported on Pine Pointe Trl.
1340 Assist Sheriff Dept in Boyne Falls.
1631 Threats complaint on Union St.


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