Boyne City Police reports

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The latest weekly incident reports from the Boyne City Police Department, from Monday July 8 through Sunday July 14.

Monday, July 8, 2019

0017       Welfare check in the 500 block of N Lake St.

0800       Found key ring turned in to PD

0829       Vehicle unlock in the 200 block of W Cedar St.

0913       Assist Sheriff Dept. on Acropolis Dr.

0954       Report of lock out at Harborage Marine.  Dog locked in car

0957       Report of possible suicidal subject on Silver St

1017       Burn permit issued on Earl St.

1206       Subject at PD to turn self in on warrant.

1308       Assist MSP and Sheriff Dept. on Acropolis Dr.

1332       Report of two fawns that were in the road on Boyne Av near Pearl St

1421       Vehicle unlock at Peninsula Beach.

1432       Vehicle unlock at the wooden playground

1654       Property damage crash at Division and Front St.

1956       Assist EMS in the 700 Vogel St


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

0303       Asst. Assist Sheriff Dept. on Twin Hills Ct.

0632       Assist Sheriff Dept. on PPO violation on S Park St.

0646       Citation issued for Careless Driving in the 200 block of S Lake St

1059       Civil complaint in the 400 block of N Lake St

1220       Report of lost driver’s license.

1303       Report of lost earring

1450       key fob turned in to PD.

1550       Vehicle unlock at Peninsula Beach

1551       Pair of sandals dropped off at PD that were found at the North boat launch

1745       Found kite and life jacket turned in to the PD.

2300       Report of dogs barking on West St.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

0133       Assist Sheriff Dept. on Walloon Valley Rd.

0203       Arrested subject on warrant in the 600 block of E Main St.

0645       Baby deer stuck in fence at Boyne Av and Harris

1408       Report of cleaning rods missing somewhere between Boyne City and Petoskey

1618       Driving violation at Boyne Ave and East St.

1736       Arrested subject for No Insurance at Boyne Ave and Division St.

1834       Assist Fire Dept. on alarm in the 1000 block of Boyne Av.

2102       Assist Sheriff Dept. on Douglas St.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

1047       Civil complaint in the 300 block of E Division St

1412       Report of hit and run crash at Park and Water

1418       Report of large trucks blocking Pearl St.

1538       Assist citizen in the 100 block of E Water St

1749       Citation issued for parking violation on W Water St.

1920       Citation issued for speed at Lake St and Groveland St.

2245       Assist MSP on 131


Friday, July 12, 2019

0226       Foot patrol/door checks downtown.

0700       Driving complaint near the 500 block of N Lake St.

0928       Burn permit issued on Earl St.

1053       Vehicle unlock on W Water St

1148       Request for unlock on Lake Park Dr.

1407       Request for welfare check on High St

1613       Parking violation on W Main St

1830       Trespass complaint in the 300 block of N Lake St

1903       Parking violation on E Pine St

2008       Found credit cards and ID turned in to PD

2237       Civil complaint in the 700 block of N. Park St.

2323       Assist Sheriff Dept. on Deer Lake Rd

2352       Observed subject urinating on the barricade at Lake and Water.  Fled on foot and was taken in to custody at Lake and River.



0213       Report of a vehicle racing in the street at Pleasant and Ann.

0219       Report of intoxicated subject in the 300 block of E Division St.  Arrested subject on Bench Warrant.

0232       Report of assault in the 600 block of Jersey St.  Arrested subject for Felonious Assault and Assault and Battery.

1239       Investigated subject taking photos of kids at Peninsula Beach.

1344       Civil complaint in the 800 block of Douglas St.

1303       Found wallet turned in to PD.  Returned it to owner.

1425       Vehicle unlock on W Water St.

1507       Found wallet dropped off at PD.

1543       Assist to East Jordan PD in the 500 block of S. Park St.

1614       Health and safety concern in the 400 block of N Lake St

2051       PR-Boyne Thunder Tent

2122       Vehicle unlock on S Park St

2110       PR-Boyne Thunder Tent

2206       Fireworks complaint at W Court and Lynn

2248       911 hang up on State St.



Sunday, July 14, 2019

0010       Citation issued for improper registration at Spring and East.

0131       2 people shoving each other on W Main St.

0409       Assist Sheriff Dept. on US-131 S.

0954       Report of a dog in a vehicle in the 400 block of N Lake St.  Gone on arrival.

1159       Assist Sheriff Dept. on M-75 S.

1221       Report of subject making suicidal comments on Facebook.

1240       Property damage crash at Water St. and Park St.

1323       Assist EMS in the 500 block of S Park St.

1641       Larceny reported in the 600 block of Lewis Av.

1738       Report of a hay trailer weaving all over the road on N Lake St.

1740       Arrested subject on Friend of court warrant in the 400 block of N Lake St.

2052       Arrested subject on probation violation in the 300 block of E Division.

2057       Alarm in the 200 block of S Lake.

2157       Juvenile complaint at Peninsula Beach.


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