Boyne City Police reports

Monday October 21
0341 Report of loud music from Spring St.
0850 Report of CSC.
0854 Parking violation reported from the 500 block of S Lake St.
1541 Report of home on Boice St. being egged overnight.
1919 Alarm activation on River St.

Tuesday October 22
0743 Assist EMS on Glennwood Beach.
0821 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Deer Lake Rd.
0927 911 hang up from the 1000 block of Boyne Av.
1241 PR at the Elementary school.
1306 Report of credit card fraud from Fall Park Rd
1430 Found bike dropped off at PD
1427 Complaint of loud semi on Grant St
1802 Parking violation reported from the 500 block of S Lake St.
1825 Animal complaint on Nordic Dr.
1856 Report of a lost or stolen pistol from the 600 block of W. Court St. Was later located.

Wednesday October 23
0055 B&E in progress in the 300 block of E. Main St. Suspect fled prior to arrival. Was tracked to Minnesota, arrested thereon Thursday, and extradited back to Michigan on Monday.
0833 Request for welfare check on W Michigan.
1145 Subject at PD reports seeing 3 coyotes in town in the last month.
2221 Suspicious vehicle in cemetery.

Thursday October 24
1045 Assist EMS in the 300 block of E Division St.
1215 Assist EMS in the 600 block of W. Court St.
1233 Harassment complaint from Grant St.
1231 Complaint of loud semi on Grant St
1343 Salvage Inspection
1400 Report of snowmobile chained to lamp post at Ray and East St.
1558 Report of juvenile complaint from Lewis Ave.
1603 Vehicle unlock in the Industrial Park
2042 Assist Sheriff Dept. at M-75 S and Dam Rd.
2112 Report of possibly intoxicated driver on Boyne Ave near Division St

Friday October 25
0840 PR at the Elementary school for Rambler recognition.
0917 Assist EMS in the 400 block of Front St
1156 Burn permit issued on Earl St.
1410 Follow up on snowmobile chained to lamp post at Ray and East. Owner will be enroute from Harbor Springs to remove it.
1443 Alarm activation in the Industrial Park.
1839 PR at the football game.
1918 Report of an intoxicated subject trying to start fights with fisherman at the river mouth.
2043 PR at the football game.
2212 MDOP at Brockway and Harris St. Subject(s) throwing rocks at passing cars.

Saturday October 26
0033 Report of suicidal subject in the 200 block of E. Lincoln St. Subject gone on arrival. Later located near the junction in Walloon. Turned into armed subject.
1249 Reporting his vehicle was egged overnight on Harris St.
1255 Found bike in the 500 block of N Lake St.
1434 Report of a suspicious subject on the sidewalk on Pearl St.
1658 Vehicle unlock in the 400 block of N Lake St
1756 Report of juveniles throwing something at cars in the area of Boyne Av and Fall Park Rd.

Sunday October 27
0225 Report of no water pressure on Hemlock St.
0952 Juvenile complaint on Harris St.
1404 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Tomkins Rd.
2029 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Wood Rd

Monday November 4
0346 Vehicle into power pole in the 800 block of State St.
1411 Civil dispute in the 500 block of N Lake St
1435 Burn permit issued on Lake Park Dr.
1857 Car deer crash on Fall Park Rd near Boyne Ave.
2114 Intoxicated subject laying under a tree on the side of Lincoln St. near Grant St.
2207 Driving complaint on Boyne Av
2323 Intoxicated subject calling from Pearl St.
2344 Felonious Assault on Adams St. Arrested in Indian River with assistance from Tuscarora Twp. PD

Tuesday November 5
0321 Civil standby on Adams St.
1105 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Old Horton Bay Rd
1207 Marijuana violation in the 1000 block of Boyne Av
1445 Report of lost set of keys
1647 Civil stand on Adams St
1846 Assist EMS in the 500 block of N Lake St

Wednesday November 6
1356 Suspicious situation in the 800 block of State St
1529 Juvenile complaint in the 900 block of Brockway
2014 Report of someone throwing eggs at cars from somewhere Maple Lawn Cemetery property.
2045 Assist Child Protective Services in the 300 block of E Division St.

Thursday November 7
0024 Suspicious situation at the airport
0345 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Centennial Dr.
0730 PR at the high school.
0830 Found cell phone in the 200 block of E Lincoln.
0841 Report of dead deer at Wildwood and Jefferson
0927 Lockdown Drill at the Early Childhood Education Center.
1113 Report of car egged yesterday while parked next to the American Legion.
1340 Juvenile complaint from the 1000 block of Boyne Av.
1420 Public urination on Pleasant Av.
1424 Report of fraudulent email received in blackmail attempt.
1600 Salvage Inspection turned into recovery of stolen vehicle.
1744 Car deer crash at Boyne Ave. and High St
2021 Assist sheriff Dept. on Behling near Pleasant Valley
2314 Assist sheriff Dept. M-75 S and Moll Dr.

Friday November 8
1110 Private property damage crash on Marshall Field Dr.
1142 911 hang up from the 800 block of Brockway

Saturday November 9
0104 Suspicious vehicle at the DPW building.
0729 Car deer crash at Marshall Rd. and Lacvue Dr.
1221 Suspicious situation on W Court St.
1340 Animal complaint in the area of W. Michigan and Charlevoix St.
1409 MDOP to the 1910 building.
2158 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Brook Dr.
2343 Intoxicated subject pounding on a door on Douglas St. Located subject on Pleasant Ave. Subject was arrested on Probation Violation.

Sunday November 10
0207 Assist Sheriff Dept. on M-75 S
1815 Attempt to locate subject on Front St.
1831 Assist Sheriff Dept. on Bear River Rd.
2020 Suspicious vehicle parked near the cold storage building at the DPW.
2054 Assist Sheriff Dept. with an alarm activation on Anderson Rd.


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