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Boyne City Commission met Tuesday Nov. 12 for its regular bimonthly meeting. Following are the highlights from that gathering which included discussions on housing, healthcare, and more.

Mayoral election
Motion was made to re-elect Boyne City Commissioner Tom Neidhamer as mayor.
Motion approved 5-0

Mayor Pro-Tem
Motion was made to elect Boyne City Commissioner Ron Grunch as Boyne City Mayor Pro-Tem.
Motion approved 5-0

City Audit
Presentation of the Boyne City audit for 2019 was presented by Joe Verlin of Gabridge & Company.

Storm Water Ordinance
Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson discussed the history of the stormwater oversight issue.
The proposed ordinance was submitted to the Boyne City Commission for a first reading on Oct. 8, 2019 and was scheduled for a second reading. The second reading was held Nov. 12.
Motion to approve the Storm Water Management ordinance was unanimously approved.
The ordinance becomes effective 15 days after publication of the ordinance.

Housing Amendments
Consideration of a first reading of proposed amendments to the Boyne City Zoning Ordinance to potential barriers to housing development and to schedule a second reading for Jan. 14, 2020.

McPherson said that, in January, the city commission formally adopted the city goals and associated high priority action items.

Several of the action items are specifically targeted at addressing the housing shortage issue and fall within the role and responsibilities of the planning commission.

Over the summer, the planning commission reviewed the entire Boyne City Zoning Ordinance with the objective of identifying potential barriers to housing development.

From that review multiple proposed amendments to various sections were developed.

Examples of proposed changes (strikethrough indicates eliminated text) included the entire section on two-family dwellings, and the following:
• The structure is produced in a factory in accordance with the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, as amended and is in compliance with all applicable codes to be classified and used as a dwelling;

• Mobile Home (Manufactured Housing Unit): A structure, transportable in one (1) or more sections, which is built on a chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems contained in the structure. Mobile home does not include a recreational vehicle as described and regulated herein for the purposes of this Ordinance. (See Dwelling, Manufactured, and Dwelling, Mobile Home.)

• The following uses shall be considered conditional and shall require conditional use approval, and shall comply with any applicable conditional use requirements of Article XXV:
A. Attached or detached accessory apartments, provided the site contains an owner occupied single family dwelling, limited to one (1) accessory apartment per site. Accessory apartments can be attached to either a single family dwelling or a detached garage. Detached accessory apartments shall have a minimum side yard and rear yard setback of ten (10) feet. Off-street parking shall be in accordance with D.1.a of this subsection.

To view the many other proposed changes to the ordinance, see this story at

A motion to approve the first reading of the proposed amendments to the Boyne City Zoning Ordinance to potential barriers to housing development was approve 5-0 and a second reading, for Jan. 14, 2020, was scheduled.

Main Street Contract
A motion was unanimously approved on the Boyne City Michigan Main Street Program Community Requirements and Expectations Agreement.
The agreement commits them to remaining a Michigan Main Street community until Dec. 31, 2021.

Fire Dept. ATV
Consideration to approve the purchase of a Polaris Ranger side-by-side in the amount of $23,179.97 using donated funds of $20,000.
Fire Chief Dennis Amesbury said the Boyne City Fire Department has been fundraising to purchase a side-by-side ATV to use for emergencies at Avalanche, the surrounding bike trails and special events in city parks.

Health Insurance
Consideration to authorize the City Manager and City Clerk/Treasurer to take the steps necessary to move to the Priority Health health insurance option identified as PH8 and increase the City’s annual Health Savings Account contributions by $250 and $500 per covered employee per category until changed.
Boyne City Manager Michael Cain stated that, every year about this time, the city receives its employee insurance quotes for the coming year.
For the last several years, the increases for health insurance have been in the five percent or less range.
This is much better than the regular double digit increases they were seeing prior to that, said Cain.
This year, the proposed increase for health insurance was nine percent.
There were no increases for dental or optional vision coverages.
Motion was unanimously approved.


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