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Boyne City Commissioners discussed a wide range of business items at their regular bimonthly meeting on Tuesday April 9.

Their agenda included adopting the FYE 2020 budget, Cedar and Terrace streets reconstruction, a conditional zoning extension request, a contract with American Waste, changes to the airport’s hangar lease agreement, consideration of a grant for the city’s dog park, municipal marina fees, and changes to the management agreement for the One Water Marina.


Budget approved
Boyne City Commissioners approved the city’s 2020 budget of $14,092,479 and voted to retain the General Operating Millage rate of 15.51 mils. See the full budget breakdown on page 4.
Commissioners also voted to set the city facilities debt service millage at the rate of 2.2 mils for the next fiscal year. This millage is expected to raise $430,856 for principal and interest payments.
Commissioners voted to approve the budget, operating millage, and debt service millage.

Zoning Extension
Representatives of the Macksey development have requested a one-year extension—to expire April 25, 2020—of the conditional zoning agreement the developer received.
On April 25, 2017, a conditional zoning agreement between Macksey Built Properties and the Boyne City Commission was signed. The agreement contained a timing stipulation that required a development plan for the first phase of the project to be submitted within two years.
So far, no plans have been submitted to the Boyne City Planning Commission.
On March 15 of this year, Macksey requested in writing that the city give the project an extension.
“Over the past two years, he has been in frequent contact with city staff giving updates on his efforts and staff can confirm his due diligence,” Boyne City Planning Director Scott McPherson wrote in an April 9 memo to city officials. “Mr. Macksey has also given periodic updates to the planning commission and at the Boyne City Housing Solutions meetings.”
Commissioners voted to approve the extension.
Cedar/Terrace Project
Commissioners considered whether to conditionally award a contract for the Cedar and Terrace streets reconstruction project in an amount not to exceed $929,314 should the city be notified that it did not receive the MDOT TEDF Category B Grant or $938,607.14 should the city be notified that it did receive the MDOT TEDF Category B Grant.
Commissioners also voted on a consideration to award a contract for the bidding and reconstruction engineering services for the Cedar and Terrace streets reconstruction project in an amount not to exceed $83,300 per the proposal dated April 3.
The motions were approved.

Road Rehabilitation
Consideration to amendment number one to the contract with Rieth-Riley Construction for the 2019/2020 Road Rehabilitation Project in an amount not to exceed $56,176.87 and issue a purchase order for a total amount of $260,170.83.
The motion was approved.

American Waste
Consideration to approve a one-year extension contract with American Waste for solid waste collection and disposal services in an amount not to exceed $6,000 for containerized refuse collection and $65,000 for the city’s rubbish collection programs.
The motion was approved.

Airport Hangar
Commissioners considered whether to approve a revised 15-year license and use agreement for hangar A-12 at the Boyne City Municipal Airport as proposed and recommended by the airport board.
The tenant of airport hangar A-12 has proposed making a major improvement to it with the installation of a new aircraft door on its east side. The renter will replace the door—estimated to cost $35,850—at his own cost but asked that he be given the longer lease rather than the current year-to-year or month-to-month options.
The motion was approved.

Pet Safe Grant
Consideration to support application for a grant from Pet Safe to enhance the existing Boyne City Ridge Run Dog Park by constructing a dog agility area. The dog park committee is fundraising to cover any costs the grant would not, so there will be no cost to the city for this project.
The motion was approved.

Marina Rates
Commissioners considered changes to the Boyne City Municipal Marina rates for 2019.
An increase of $2 per foot in transient rates, and six percent for seasonal rates, was proposed. This still includes a discount on the seasonal rate amount for those paying by cash or check.
The motion was approved.

One Water Marina
Boyne City Commissioners considered changes to the city’s operations and management agreements with the owners of the One Water Street Marina and individual slip owners therein.
The city has been contracted to operate the One Water Marina for the developer since it opened for business in 2010. According to the city, the relationship has worked well and has been beneficial for both parties. The city also rented slips on behalf of JGK Enterprises (slip 9) and Konupek LLC (slip 8).
The past practice was to allow staff to negotiate the terms of the contract as it was just a renewal and only bring the issue back to the commission if there were significant changes.
All but seven slips out of 24 are individually owned and there are not as many interested in participating in the rental program … but the need is still there to manage and maintain the marina.
With fewer slips to rent, there was concern that there may not be enough revenue produced to make it worth the city’s time to continue the partnership.
One Water Marina Association proposes a flat fee to the city of $2,000 for operations—general oversight and light maintenance. In addition, the city would contract with each owner who is interested in putting their slip in the rental pool for the season at a 50/50 split.
City officials say continuing management of the One Water Marina for at least one more year would be beneficial in several ways:
• Potential of additional income to the marina fund
• The ability to provide seasonal and transient slips in addition to what they offer at the municipal marina
• Control over slips and dock use for the Boyne Thunder event
• The ability to continue to provide additional shopper dock opportunities
• Ability to market to and attract larger boats
The motion was approved.

City Lauded
Boyne City has, for the third year in a row, been recognized for excellence in financial reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association.
According to the award notification, “The (Boyne City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) has been judged by an impartial panel to meet the high standards of the program, which includes demonstrating a constructive ‘spirit of full disclosure’ to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate potential users and user groups to read the CAFR.”


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