Boyne City astronomer honored

Bryan shumaker

On April 9, the International Astronomical Union designated the minor planet 2006SV as 518523Bryanshumaker after Boyne City astronomer Dr. Bryan Shumaker.


Shumaker built the first laser communication device as an undergraduate at Wayne State University and continued his interest in optical lasers as a treatment for disease.

He became an academic urologist with special interest in using photoactive dyes and laser light to treat cancers.

Today, he is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador doing outreach astronomy education and is a founding member and president of the Northern Michigan Astronomy Club (NOMAC).

NOMAC Club members provide oversight, training and astronomy programming at the Headlands International Dark Sky Park, Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Shumaker is also an adjunct Professor of Astronomy at Oakland University, Rochester.

518523Bryanshumaker was first observed by noted comet hunter David Levy in 2006.

Later observations have accurately fixed its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It is a small object about 1.1 miles in diameter.

Minor planets are astronomical objects in direct orbit around the Sun that are not a planet or a comet.

Minor planets can be dwarf planets, asteroids, trojans, centaurs, Kuiper belt objects, and other trans-Neptunian objects.

Every year, tens of thousands of newly numbered minor planets are discovered and published in the Minor Planet Circular by the Minor Planet Center.

As of April 2019, there are 523,824 numbered minor planets noted.


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