Bobby Z celebrates 40 years at IMI

imi clr

4o years at IMI

Industrial Magnetics, Inc., CEO Bud Shear, (at right) and Operations Manager Casey House, (left), are proud to announce 40 years of service for employee Robert Zavesky, “Bobby Z.”

Bobby Z began working in the manufacturing department October 1979, following four years in the US Army.

Bobby Z and the apple of his eye, Cathrine Hennessy, love living in Northern Michigan and have been together for 14 years!

Bobby Z has 2 daughters, Tiffany and Bobbie, both live in Tennessee – along with 5 granddaughters, Presley, Penney, Olivia, Vera and Piper.

When not at IMI, Bobby Z enjoys hunting and fishing, but most of all enjoys his walks with Cathrine and their dog Jezable!

Thanks Bobby Z for 40 Years of Service!

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