Bergman legislation would expand broadband

Congressman Jack Bergman has introduced The Rural Broadband Connectivity Act of 2019 – which would incentivize businesses to deploy broadband infrastructure in areas currently lacking sufficient access to the internet.


“First District communities struggle to compete in the 21st Century economy without proper online connectivity. Telehealth consultations, telecommuting, advertising, shopping, and even school work are common activities that may not be feasible for households and businesses with limited access to broadband. This legislation would harness private investment by encouraging internet service providers to branch out into the most underserved communities as they work to expand their services to new customers,” said Bergman.

Many of my colleagues in Washington cannot imagine what it is like to live in the more remote parts of our nation without online access, so today, we’re bringing substantive policy to the table to bring new opportunity to places like northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.”

Dr. Ralph Abraham, M.D. (LA-05) stated, “Rural Americans deserve access to high-speed broadband Internet as much as anyone else, and communities need that access for economic growth. This bill will encourage businesses to expand broadband Internet to rural America and is an ideal next step to compliment other actions we’ve taken this Congress to help connect our constituents to the rest of the world.”

The Rural Broadband Connectivity Act allows providers to collect a tax credit when investments are made to establish internet access in rural areas. Specifically, eligible areas would be census tracts that are rural and underserved. This legislation proposes a solution to cost-prohibitive obstacles providers face when deciding whether to build out infrastructure into sparse, rural areas.

The full text of the bill can be read HERE.

This bill continues a long commitment and effort by Rep. Bergman to expand broadband access in the First District of Michigan.

On May 2nd, Congressman Bergman announced that over 5,000 Michiganders in rural areas would receive access to higher-speed broadband. You can read that release HERE.

On May 8th, Congressman Bergman supported the ACCESS Broadband Act, which will advance rural broadband access by assisting underserved communities with strategies to expand and improve services. The release can be read HERE.

On May 16th, Congressmen Bergman and Tim Walberg sent a letter urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to improve the accuracy of broadband availability maps to better identify unserved and underserved communities in Michigan. The release can be read HERE.


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