Bear River Health statement on Walloon area shooting

According to officials from Bear River Health of Walloon Lake, their facility was in no way involved in the police shooting of an allegedly suicidal subject on Saturday Oct. 26.

In an Oct. 26 press release, BRH officials stated, “No clients of BRH were involved. No staff from BRH was involved. No real property owned or leased by BRH was involved.”


The property involved is owned by a development company that owns the real estate BRH leases. That is the only connection.

Many people pull into that space to turn around as well as out parking lots that are not affiliated with our business.

Bear River Health is not a MENTAL HEALTH facility. It is a licensed substance use disorder treatment facility.

We do not treat mental health issues or persons who are suicidal.

Before clients are brought to BRH, they have a screening to determine if they are medically and mentally stable.

There is a process for clinical and medical approval. The clients are committed to being substance free.

Clients are searched upon arrival and there are no drugs or weapons permitted on our campus.

Our campus is private and we follow client confidentiality guidelines.

When a client completes treatment (or leaves without completing the program) a full discharge plan is prepared and housing and community support is in place.

BRH has helped more than 700 persons in 2019 who have been abstaining from the use of alcohol and drugs.

BRH employs 76 persons from the community and is an active participant in many community organizations.

We have been treating clients at this location since 2016.

Bear River Health would express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of the man involved.

Bear River Health will also express our support for the law enforcement professionals who were involved in this tragedy and for their families.

Again although BRH has no involvement with the tragic scene we as members of the Walloon and Charlevoix Community will offer our support to any involved.


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