BCPS Superintendent evaluation


The Boyne City Board of Education produced the following statement regarding Pat Little’s superintendent yearly evaluation.

The Boyne City School Board held Superintendent Pat Little’s evaluation at their regular meeting on Monday Dec. 9.

The Board unanimously agreed on a “Highly Effective” rating for the four-year employee of the district.

This is the third consecutive “Highly Effective” rating for Superintendent Little.

“Pat Little’s heavy educational experience and motivation for strong academic performance in all grades focus on our District and the educators on excellence,” said Zareena Koch, Board Secretary.

Pat’s vision for our District encompasses every child. New initiatives have paid off big for students, such as educational/emotional evaluation for preschoolers to determine progress and program success.

This has proven to be an excellent example of his commitment to Boyne City’s youngest citizens.

Ross McLane, Board Treasurer, described Little as being a highly professional leader of our District.

Little continues to work closely with the community he serves.

“Pat Little is a dedicated and hardworking employee for our District,” said Jeff Mercer, Board Vice President.

The Board looks forward to working with Little to further the educational opportunities for all students.


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