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The Boyne City School Board meetings are typically on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. The next regular meeting will be June 10, followed by the Budget Hearing and Regular meeting on June 24.

May 13th Regular Board Meeting

At the Boyne City Public Schools regular Board of Education (BOE) meeting on May 13, 2019, many items were presented, discussed and approved. Below are a few of the highlights we thought would be of interest.

Staff Announcements

President Ken Schrader presented an award to our Transportation Director Joe Howie for all his years of dedicated service to BCPS.

We are pleased to announce that Adam Stefanski was approved as the Athletic Director for the Boyne City Public Schools athletic program.  He will be replacing John Hertel who has moved to full-time Assistant Principal/Student Success Coordinator for the Boyne City High School.

Kathy Notestine was acknowledged and appreciated by the Board after 25 years of dedicated service in our food service department. She will be retiring at the end of the year.

Public Commentary

There was no public comment.


The Board also graciously accepted two donations:

  • Boyne City Booster Foundation totaling $4,946 as follows
    • $1,195 ES STEAM Assembly
    • $1500 MS WEB Supplies (Middle School mentoring program)
    • $654 Rambler Travel Bottles
    • $650 Wrestling Record Board
    • $266 BCMS Hoop House Materials
    • $481 ES Headphones
    • $200 BCMS Camp Daggett Supplies
  • Ace Hardware of Boyne City for the donation of $100 to go towards the Boys Soccer Team.

Action Items

The Board approved the meal prices for the 2019-2020 school year as recommended by Food Service Director Layna Krell.  Suggested pricing for student lunches is a product of a formula put forth by the State of Michigan. For the 2019-2020 school year, the prices will remain $1.75 for breakfast and a five-cent increase to $2.90 for lunch at all buildings.

The Board accepted the 2019-2020 Char-Em ISD General Fund Budget Resolution. This is required by law to acknowledge the ISD’s budget proposal that is presented to the Board.

A Bid Resolution was accepted by the Board for the General Obligation Bonds. On Monday, May 13, the business office accepted 6 total bids for the Obligation Bonds awarding Fifth Third Securities the bid at 1.875793%.  This is the final bond funds raised through the 2016 bond vote which will fund 1:1 technology device purchases and other capital improvements.

The Board accepted a Chromebook purchase for the BCMS students of 345 Dell 3100 11″ Chromebooks in the amount of $74,520 and 355 NutKase 11″ Ballistic cases in the amount of $9,212.25 for a total of  $83,732.25.  This is the first phase of the District’s technology refresh process to support the 1:1 technology for all BCPS students. The high school and elementary schools replacement devices are scheduled for replacement next year.

The Board accepted the Revision of Policy 0167.2 Bylaws, Closed Session. This was an update to coincide with new laws to allow the Board to meet in closed session to consider security planning to address existing threats or prevent potential threats to the safety of the students or staff (a majority vote is required).


Other Notes

Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend School Board meetings and become involved in the operation and governance of their school district. Your involvement in the education of our children is appreciated.

The Boyne City School Board meetings are typically on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Our next regular meeting will be June 10, 2019, followed by our Budget Hearing/Regular meeting on June 24, 2019. All meeting dates can be found at our website at this address: https://www.boyne.k12.mi.us/District/Portal/board-of-education.

Notice of all special meetings will be posted on the website and by the main entrance in each school building as to date, time, and place.


May 6th Workshop Meeting

Scott Hoeft from Integrated Designs, Inc. joined the Board members and administrative team for a workshop Board meeting on May 6, 2019.  Pat Little and Scott Hoeft gave a combined presentation regarding a possible May of 2020 Bond vote for capital improvements and renovations.  Although the District sent out an invitation to the community, no members of the public attended.

First, a review of the current bond debt was reviewed by the Board.  Pat Little reiterated a strategy for a future bond issue is to not raise taxes for any improvements needed.  Therefore, the goal is to keep the school bond millage rate at the current amount, 3.14 mil.  The Board also reviewed the projected cash position of the district for capital improvements.

Next, the Facility Study draft was reviewed.  This 2019 version is a continuation of the 2017 Facility Study that was updated and refined after recent work had been completed and new concerns identified.  The study is broken into five categories.  Importantly, no decisions were made at this meeting, rather the Board was given important information to build their knowledge for future decision-making.  There are many items on these lists not described here, but the Board was given the full list.

  1. Priority one features items which need attention in the next year.  The only item listed is a new fire alarm system and panel at the Boyne City Education Center.  Pat Little indicated that this may be taken care of this year, prior to the bond vote.
  2. Priority two features items which need to be considered in the next two years. Of significance on this priority list is the renovation and improvement of the science classrooms at the middle school. The administrative team and BOE discussed several different ways to accomplish this task.  It was decided that IDI would meet with the middle school science teachers in May 2019 to review ideas.  Other specific priorities on the list are replacing HS and ES carpet, improvements to the auditorium lighting and sound systems, classroom furniture improvements for all buildings, and media center renovations at the MS.
  3. Priority three features items that need to be completed in the next 2-5 years.  Bigger items include replacing boilers at the ES, refinishing the HS gym floors and auditorium stage, 6 additional buses, a significant amount of repaving of parking lots and site work, along with an upgrade of the HS generator to build enough capacity for the community to use the building in case of a community-wide crisis.  The renovation of the ES media center was also discussed.
  4. Priority four features items that need to be considered for 6-10 years out.  The bus garage, which was constructed in 1962, had over $700,000 of items needing repair on this list.  Flooring and window replacement at the ES, BCEC, and MS were also reviewed.
    1. A long discussion was held about the elementary school and the lack of room to expand classrooms if there is an increase in housing in the area with the proposed construction that is in the planning phase. A plan for adding classrooms to the south end of the building was presented along with expanding the office areas. The Board was in agreement that the District must be ready to act quickly if the proposed subdivision of homes and apartments begins construction and families start moving in.
    2. Also discussed was the desire to add an indoor practice space to support athletics and other community events.  Scott Hoeft from IDI shared examples of buildings he is currently working on in other districts with the same need.  The district would be required to carefully define what solutions they seek to help make an accurate cost estimate. The other challenge is locating a space for a building of this size to aesthetically and logistically fit on our existing property.  Several solutions were discussed with no clear preference.
  5. Priority five items are projects that the District is “grandfathered” into which do not require action.  These items were not discussed due to time constraints.
  6. Also not included in this discussion was a review of future investments in technology infrastructure and devices for staff and students.

Overall, the Board and administration felt it was a positive and productive meeting.  Everyone expressed appreciation at the meeting for the proactive approach to maintain and improve District facilities.  Next steps include the administration and IDI working to refine the list for accuracy, meet with pertinent staff members for input, and to start narrowing the list into an affordable package for further discussion later this summer or in early fall.

A copy of the facility study is available to the public if requested at the District office.


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