BCPS Board of Education news

Boyne City Public Schools held a workshop and a regular meeting for the Board of Education on October 14, 2019. Below are a few of the highlights that the Boyne community may find of interest.


During the workshop, the Board members had the opportunity to discuss a potential May Bond and tour the middle school to inspect some of the learning spaces that are in need of improvement.  The Board received an overview of the proposed changes and the possible finances involved with the proposal.

Superintendent Announcements

  • Student count day was October 2 and our current unofficial K-12 FTE count is 1352. We have 107 students in the Early Learners program.
  • Pat shared the CTE Survey results that high school students took last year. The results showed areas of interest for all students and then broke it down by gender.  The administration will take this data and develop ideas for future course offerings.
  • BCPS Crisis Response Plan is on the agenda for approval. This is a necessity from the State of Michigan.
  • The BCMS is still waiting for materials to be delivered to finish the roof, the original materials had a distortion in the metal. Work to complete the blue metal will continue next week. The BCEC fire panel update will begin soon in stages for the least amount of student disruption.
  • The Early Learners program is conducting another Safety Night Wednesday, October 16th and there are 200 families signed up. The night is being organized by Early Learner Teacher Amy Bielas. It will be a great Family Engagement Night with donated apple cider and donuts from Family Fare, Pizza from BC Pizza, ACE donated safety prizes, Dental Clinics North donated toothbrushes and apples donated from Dionne Farms. We will have community support from our local Firefighters, EMS crew, and Police Department.

Board of Education Announcements

  • October is Michigan Principals Month and on behalf of the Board of Education Alison Mellon presented certificates to the Principals for their Administrative Excellence, commitment and dedicated service to BCPS.


  • A Certificate of Excellence was awarded special honor by the Michigan State Police to BCPS for the 2018-2019 school year for achieving a 100% Pass Rate for School Bus Safety Inspections.
  • The Transportation Department sent a thank you note to the Board for the evening of recognition on September 9th stating “your kindness and gratitude lifted our hearts.” They also were speechless and incredibly humbled by the presentation of the plaque and re-naming the bus garage to the Howie Family Transportation Center.

Consent Items

  • Quarterly the Boyne City Booster Foundation takes applications for school grants. This month the Booster Foundation awarded a total amount of $33,696 for a variety of programs and it was approved by the Board. Our Booster Foundation is always supportive of academics, arts, and athletics throughout the entire District, thank you Boosters for your continued service to BCPS. Here is the breakdown of funds awarded:
    • $1,400 HS Physics Cedar Point
    • $2,500 HS History Boston Trip
    • $3,500 Spanish  Panama Trip
    • $2,000 ES 4th-Grade Team Mackinaw Trip
    • $700 MS 5th-Grade Lansing Trip
    • $999 ES 3rd-Grade STEM/Ubtech Kits
    • $280 MS Hack Your Notebook
    • $900 MS Language Arts Terry Wooten
    • $500 MS Language Arts Writing Group
    • $600 MS Success Team Misc Equipment RTP & PBIS
    • $2,600 HS Pride Team Misc. Items for Events
    • $1,500 MS Food Pantry Food/Personal Hygiene
    • $2,000 HS & MS Wellness Cooking Club
    • $665 HS Bowling Board of Champions
    • $780 HS Women in Sports Leadership Conference
    • $2,985 HS Track and Cross Country Tent
    • $2,649 MS Physical Education Heart Rate System
    • $3,958 HS Baseball/Softball Phantom Batting Cage
    • $1,180 Grades 3-12 Young Americans
    • $2,000 HS All Bands Timpani Instrument
  • The Board accepted the resignation of two employees Bus Driver Jason Walters and Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor Wade Belford. Both employees have been a great asset to BCPS and we are regretful to see them leave.

Action Items

  • The 2018-2019 Audit by Baird, Cotter, and Bishop Certified Public Accountants was accepted.
  • The middle school and elementary school submitted a recommendation for furniture bid approvals using 2016 Bond funds were accepted.
  • The Board approved a cooperative agreement between Boyne City Public Schools and Petoskey Public Schools for Boys Lacrosse.
  • The Board of Education approved the BCPS School Crisis Response Plan that the State requires for reporting purposes.

Discussion Items

  • The Board discussed a possible May 2020 Bond.
    • Superintendent Little announced that an informal community meeting will be held on November 7 and November 13.
    • IDI and Barton Malow answered questions about the proposed Bond work.
    • A timeline was shared for the Board’s decision making and the election in May.
    • The Board discussed possibilities on how a field house would be managed and made available to the community.

Other notes

Community members are welcomed and encouraged to attend School Board meetings and become involved in the operation and governance of their school district. Your involvement in the education of our children is appreciated.

The Boyne City School Board meetings are typically on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

All meeting dates can be found on our website at this address: https://www.boyne.k12.mi.us/District/Portal/board-of-education.

Our next meeting will be November 11, 2019, located at the Boyne City Education Center (321 South Park Street).

Notice of all special meetings will be posted on the website and by the main entrance in each school building as to date, time, and place.


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