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Jennifer Clasman-Ammerman, a concerned parent of two Boyne City Public Schools Students, read a letter detailing her concerns over how much time students at Boyne City Middle School have to eat their lunch. Clasman-Ammerman contended that a number of students and their parents share the concern that they don’t have enough time to eat.

The Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education conducted its regular monthly meeting on Monday Feb. 11. Following are highlights from that meeting.


Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Pat Little made the following announcements:
• The Health Department applied for a grant from the State of Michigan that was recently awarded to Boyne City Public Schools for health room renovations in the middle school for our students. The construction will begin in the summer of 2019.
• The 2019-2020 district calendar tentative agreement was shared with the Board. The parent version of the calendar can be found online at www.boyne.k12.mi.us
• Reviewed the bids for summer 2019 construction that was voted on during this meeting and listed below.
• Board Treasurer Ross McLane updated the Board on the Finance Committee meeting that was held on Jan. 30.

Four areas of discussion were are follows:
1. The construction schedule was discussed for the summer of 2019.

2. The District is considering conducting a facility study for a possible May of 2020 Bond Vote. IDI Architects and Engineers are in the district this week conducting evaluations of existing buildings and systems.

3. The Budget Amendment for 2018-2019 was reviewed. The Board of Education passed an Amended Budget for 2018-19 in action items. The amendment shows revenues at $14,288,283, which is an increase from the original budget adopted in June.
The $36,456 increase is federal revenues.
The amended budget also has forecast expenses to $14,454,942. The District carries an audited fund balance of $2,502,900 and expects to not have to dip into its fund balance at fiscal year end in June 2019.
The full budget can be located under the transparency icon at www.boyne.k12.mi.us.
The amendment overall does not show much change from the budget passed in June of 2018.

4. The committee also reviewed next year’s budget assumptions which are very preliminary at this time.

Board Trustee Alison Mellon updated the Board on the District School-wide Improvement Committee meeting.
The committee reviewed the focus group results and set goals to address areas of growth for the District.

Mellon announced that the Title I audit that occurred in January was a monumental amount of work and everyone involved should be congratulated.
BCPS received many outstanding, complimentary remarks on the work we are doing as a District.
The staff and Board should be proud. Principal Lisa King and her team were very organized and represented BCPS very well.

The Board discussed an administrative staffing option for next year. Little suggested an expansion of the high school administrative team is under review.

Also under discussion was the number of canceled school days.
Some board members expressed concern that valuable learning time is being missed with the canceled days and would possibly not be replaced if the waiver for snow days is applied for in April.
A review of the rules for attendance was given along with the pro’s and con’s of alternate transportation plans such as a “two-hour delay” or “main roads only.”
The Board conducted the second reading of the Board policies and then approved them all in action items.

On Jan. 21 formal bids were received for Bid Package 18-100 District Wide Improvements.
The total award amount for Bid Package 18-100 District Wide Improvements is $1,968,636.
The District will be using a combination of Bond, MSP Grant, and Enhancement Fund allocations.
The following bids were awarded as follows:
Bid Category #051000 – Structural Steel
Spence Brothers (Traverse City)
The total amount for the recommended award of Bid Category #051000 is $25,709.00
Bid Category #060000 – General Trades
Spence Brothers (Traverse City)
The total amount for the recommended award of Bid Category #060000 is $301,967.00
Bid Category #075000 – Roofing
Bri-Car Roofing (Auburn, MI)
The total amount for the recommended award of Bid Category #075000 is $1,487,011.00
Bid Category #230000 – Mechanical
Remer Plumbing and Heating, Inc. (Saginaw, MI)
The total amount for the recommended award of Bid Category #230000 is $122,949.00
Bid Category #260000 – Electrical
Atlas Electric (East Jordan, MI)
The total amount for the recommended award of Bid Category #260000 is $31,000.00

Public Participation:
BCPS parent Jennifer Clasman-Ammerman presented a letter to the Board regarding Middle School lunchtime for students.
She outlined concerns that there is not enough time to eat lunch in the current structure of the day.
Boyne City Public Schools Board of Education President Ken Schrader encouraged her to work with Principal Mike Wilson on ideas or solutions

Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend School Board meetings and become involved in the operation and governance of their school district.
Your involvement in the education of our children is appreciated. The Boyne City School Board meetings are typically on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.
All meeting dates can be found on our website at this address: https://www.boyne.k12.mi.us/District/Portal/board-of-education.
Notice of all special meetings will be posted on the website and by the main entrance in each school building as to date, time, and place.