Back to school for us, too

By Chris Faulknor, Editor

School will be starting soon, and I’m excited.
Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with kids leaving the house every day.
In fact, it’s much more than that.
From a newspaper perspective, school starting means a great deal to me.

The entire community rallies around our local kids.
Whether it’s a fundraiser like Paint the Town Red, a sporting event, or an honor roll assembly, the community participates heavily and lets the children know that they are cared about.
The first event I covered for The Boyne City Gazette—before the first issue was even in print—was the Relay for our Kids, a 24-hour event at the football field to raise money for the Boyne City Booster Foundation.
Barely aware of what I was supposed to be doing, I spent 13 of the 24 hours taking hundreds of photos, shaking hands, and introducing the Boyne City Gazette to the community.
Imagine my disappointment in figuring out that newspapers don’t have room for hundreds of photos.
But, I feel it went a long way in getting me on the right foot by realizing that the education, upbringing, and integration of the next generation into the Boyne City culture and way of life was (and still is) among the top priorities of our community.
When I look on the coming year, I see massive progress and a great deal of involvement.
I see a lineworker program geared toward building careers in the world of industry.
I see an award-winning hospitality program which teaches teens to prepare dishes that could please customers in any restaurant.
I see a graduation program that has some of our kids getting college degrees with their high school diplomas.
And, with that, I see due homage to the things that have worked well in the past.
The Ramblers football team and award-winning marching band draw crowds of hundreds for each game.
The drama program features Broadway musicals that have launched several locals into careers in New York City.
To say I’m proud of our schools is an understatement.
The kids who are seniors this year were in second grade when The Boyne City Gazette began, and I have to admit to being tearful when graduation rolls around.
More and more, I’m seeing kids graduating and it occurs to me that I’ve photographed them doing the Pumpkin Pie Polka with their elementary school class, showing off their science project at the middle school science fair, and playing the trumpet in the concert band.
I have the pleasure of getting to know these children, and it is one of my favorite parts about what I do each week.
Good luck in the upcoming school year.
Thank-you to all of our community members for supporting the next generation of citizens.
In that crowd could be a future mayor, city manager, business owner, father, mother, and friend.
We as a community share in the joy of each success story.

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