Air Nat’l Guard to hire 310; Recruiting in TC next week

The Air National Guard is looking to hire more than 300 people for a number of positions including piloting, aircraft maintenance, fire protection, and aircraft technology. ANG representatives will be recruiting in Traverse City during the Cherry Festival next week.


The Air National Guard (ANG) Live Events Tour is engaging quality recruits across the nation with its interactive Mini-Mobile Experience featuring cyber-security gaming challenges, a virtual uniform experience and the classic Basic Training physical fitness test.

The ANG Mini-Mobile Experience is landing at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse, June 29 – July 1, where the ANG aims to gather the brightest recruits in Michigan.

ANG has the dual mission of protecting and defending U.S. interests both at home and abroad, with deployable combat-ready personnel, in worldwide conflict zones.

At the same time, ANG’s servicemembers perform humanitarian and search and rescue duties during natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires.

When called, the ANG travels anywhere in the world to selflessly defend freedom wherever the conflict may be: on land, in the air or cyberspace.

The ANG has set its sights on the brightest minds across the nation, committing its recruitment and retention efforts to continually diversify the workplace and effectively provide well trained units for instant mobilization during war and national emergencies.

Offering educational training, bonuses and full-time benefits for part-time service, the Air Guard is a great choice for anyone trying to take their career to new heights!

With responsibility for air defense of the entire United States, the ANG is a true defender of freedom. That air-based protection serves as a shield of our American values and way of life, providing a sense of security to withstand, repel and win against any state or non-state adversary threatening the homeland.

The ANG mini-mobile experience will travel across the country in support of partnerships with groups such as Spartan and Motocross races and will be present at events such as conventions, sporting events, air shows, trade shows, festivals, shopping centers/malls and State Fairs.

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