$98k for Ramblers Wellness Center renovation

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awarded nearly $98,000 in funding to the Health Department of Northwest Michigan in partnership with Boyne City Public Schools for renovations to the Boyne City Rambler Wellness School-Based Health Center.


The $97,870 HRSA grant will be used to improve existing school-based health center facilities through creating a dedicated health center space that supports integrated service delivery, increasing capacity for mental health services, substance abuse screening, and obesity related services.

“This grant is an exciting opportunity to increase access to care for students in Boyne City Middle and Elementary Schools. School-based health centers play a critical role in preventing, screening, and treating some of the most common behavioral health issues known to affect student performance, overall health, and personal safety, including depression, anxiety, social conflict, adverse childhood experiences and attention disorders,” said Natalie Kasiborski, Director of Community Health Services at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

Currently, mental health services are provided in a different part of the school building than the physical health services.

Integrating the physical space for service delivery will support fully integrated care, better enabling warm hand-offs and coordinated treatment plans.

The larger, newly designed space will also support the school health center’s effectiveness and efficiency by improving clinic flow and increasing the number of students seen monthly for primary care and mental health.

“Having access to school-based health services improves student wellbeing and their ability and readiness to learn. Our new space will create a designated health center where students can access physical and behavioral health services at a central location,” said Pat Little, superintendent of Boyne City Public Schools.

The Rambler Wellness School Based Health Center serves children and adolescents from Kindergarten through 8th grade, approximately ages 5-14 years.

The Rambler Wellness Center goal is to support student success by achieving the best possible physical, intellectual, and emotional health status by providing services that are high quality, accessible, and acceptable to youth.