Write-in looks to unseat Village of Boyne Falls Council President

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After returning home to Boyne Falls from Englewood, Fla., Theresa Jarema (formerly Hecker) is in the running to be the Mayor of the Village of Boyne Falls, and she wants to start—literally—by draining the pond.

“The pond has not been dredged in over 20 years because they sold the dredging machine,” said Jarema… “It was one of the greatest trout fishing waterways in Northern Michigan until the village council members voted to sell it.”


Jarema is running against Village of Boyne Falls President Bill Carson Jr.

Those running for trustee positions on the board include Charles Tate, William Carson Sr., G. JoAnn Bell, and William Bricker.

Write-ins for village council seats include Michael Kondrat Sr. and Michael Kondrat Jr.

Jarema is a 1977 graduate of Boyne City High School, after which she attended Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree in 1982.

Moving down to East Lansing, Jarema graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1984 and continued at the University of Denver.

Jarema then completed the Holloway Institute Real Estate Academy and has held a State of Michigan real estate license since 1985.

Jarema was also the Village of Boyne Falls Clerk from 2005 until 2007.

“I would like to implement a series of improvements that are long overdue that has stifled the growth and capitalization of Northern Michigan prime real estate,” said Jarema. “One (goal) would be to work with the DEQ and get the Mill Pond back into ship shape so that fish, including the brown trout, would be able to survive in that waterway again. The second would be to work on a capitalization program to improve the roads and the sidewalks and work on the vacant school to see if we could bring some business in or perhaps the YMCA could become part of our community.”

She also spoke on the strengths and weaknesses of the Village of Boyne Falls.

“The ordinances that they are enforcing need to be brought up into the 21st century. We’re no longer living in the 19th century,” said Jarema.

The Boyne City Gazette asked Jarema about her views on the issues surrounding the current Village Council, including the several-month saga regarding Village Clerk Debra Taylor’s possession and subsequent reparations for several yards of village-owned gravel.

“I’ve heard the allegations and read the articles. At this point, I will make no judgement. I will not be the judge and the jury. I will just listen to the people of the village,” said Jarema. “If and when I do get written in as the new Mayor for the village of Boyne Falls, we will continue with whatever disciplinary actions need to be taken—if any.”

After saying this, however, Jarema clarified that it might be best to simply move forward.

“If I am placed in this position with the voters’ help and the support of the village people, when and if I am elected mayor, the future is what we’re going to be looking into,” said Jarema. “I’m afraid to look into the past and the past mistakes, and we’re going to start with a clean slate.”

As Jarema did not file prior to the deadline, those wishing to support Theresa Jarema will need to place her name on the ballot as a write-in.

When supplying a write-in vote, it is important to write the candidate’s name exactly as supplied, as it could be disqualified otherwise.

“As a concerned citizen, I would really like to have the support of the village people so we can make the logical and reasonable decisions regarding our ordinances,” said Jarema. “There’s no bylaws, there’s no zoning, and it’s time to make the village great again.”