OPINION – What’s going on around here?


The peripatetic garden of Aristotle focused on spreading the word and the word back then was anagnorisis, making known what’s going on around here.

Everybody’s full of it.

Nobody really knows what s/he’s doing.

Or they’re doing in-vernacularly.

Let’s say they don’t know what they’re doing.

I’m not targeted by the NKVD, KGB or GRU, so I can exist happily-never-after in a floating capsule of inequity and deipnosophism.

Tenuous, yes, absolute uncertainty.

Alcibiades’ ilk is well-distributed kaleidoscopically amongst us in psychopathic essence.

Nice guys all, even KKK members and skinhead nationalists, unless they get mad at you.

We’re all claim-jumpers.  We take what we want and lie about how we got it. That’s called capitalism. It’s also called imperialism. It’s also called ethnocentrism.

Where’s my broadsword?

Oh, right there behind my catheters and diapers where I forgot I left ‘em.

The Golden Years are colored with urine, presumptuous verity being that mature kids read these confabulated disquisitions.

I have no Summa Cum Laude, perhaps a couple Magna Cum Laude runners-up if you can even count or cum laude next best.

It matters not nor how much.

In this world the rules are skewed, any Critique of Pure Reason being irrational.

Irregardless, that is, regardless of being regardless, we show up every day on the job be it higher calculus tenure or lower roadside mendicancy.

Being nice, kind, is all that really matters. This is known to be so because so many are not.

Without unkindness we’d be in a helluva mess, i.e. nobody to protest or make war against, nobody to laugh at, that being the ultimate arbiter of success, when we can laugh at it all ourselves included, that being known as non-sequitur ad hominem, viz. changing the subject.

It’s hard to laugh when you’re crying but really the difference is negligible.

If there were a gauge, a meter, to register the salubrious from the lugubrious the indicator might lurch, shudder, jerk, stumble, stagger and fall in a burst of meaningless bombast and drivel in chaotic resignation to utmost inanity, well, like most politicians.

Most humans, notwithstanding, are decent folk, tend their gardens, mend their fences, feed their dogs and children, keep them warm and clothed and combed.

Sure, we all want more and hence get less, that’s the way of it except for times when you get lucky.

The odds have nothing to do with it, it’s engineered dumb luck that determines.

Marxian sociology was misconstrued, all social philosophies are, to justify not being nice, like they were doing it for our own good.

O sure, we’ve heard that before.

The underlying fact remains that bailing out the economy in THE NEW DEAL saved the world from THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

Some say WAR didn’t hurt either and there’s ample verification this might be so.

Therefor that little mother’s helper was dredged up time and again for moral inspiration despite any immoral nuances that might conflict.

As all cops and prosecutors and most judges know, you’ve gotta act just like the bad guys to catch ‘em – Ha, fooled you!

They can even lie under oath and get away with it under that premise.

The USA has its way of bursting forth like a phoenix from its ashes of demoralized soul searching when gone wrong.

Just now that bird is picking fleas out of its feathers in lieu of stretching its wings like the EAGLE IN FLIGHT it purports to be.

It helps to be free of pettiness and priggishness and I’ll thank you not to step on my dandelions I just planted around that pathway to the Save-A-Lot store.

We’re more or less free to be who we want to be here as opposed to some other places; still some racial, ethnic, gender, redneck-snowflake issues intervene, but we do have rights here to playact at pretty much anything we wanna be in mime legerdemain.

We can even say, Hey, I’m real, and some will believe you even when proven false. Ain’t that America.

We might not know what we’re doing but we’re damn sure gonna do it, come hell or high water, the Lord willing.

That’s what America’s all about, will and its faithful mutt, dogged perseverance.

From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with Styrofoam, that’s us, white wo/man, red wo/man, black wo/man, brown wo/man, yellow wo/man, our Home Sweet Home ALL IN THE FAMILY.

It all works, sort of, as comedian George Carlin said, he just wishing “it was a little more respectable.”

We’re not convinced that ancient Athens was respectable—more slaves than respectable citizens; maybe slaves were respectable or even respected, we don’t know.

The “Town Crier” anagnorisis’d into the internet, the “old lamplighter” to electricity, gaslighting to psychological manipulation. Progress.