OPINION – Stop the tunnel

Your Voice is Needed to Stop a Rushed Tunnel in the Straits!

The Senate passed a substitute version of Senate Bill 1197 to authorize a utility tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac.

While the bill now creates a new Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority, the Corridor Authority Board must report to the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA).


Therefore, the Bridge Authority will still have responsibility for the utility tunnel. This is not an appropriate function of a governmental body whose mission is solely focused on the Mackinac Bridge.

In addition, the substitute version of Senate Bill 1197 is highly irresponsible for the long-term health of the Great Lakes by requiring a board that is not even created yet to be formed and enter into agreements for construction, maintenance, operation, and decommission of a utility tunnel in less than a months’ time, by December 31, 2018.

The current administration has been evaluating Line 5 since 2014 and the Michigan Pipeline Safety Advisory Board has been researching the matter for the last three years.

It is unreasonable and reckless to expect a board not yet appointed to enter into binding agreements dictating the future of Line 5 for the next 100 years in just a couple weeks.

Senate Bill 1197 has been referred to the House Committee on Government Operations.

Call the members of the Government Operations Committee and your State Representative TODAY and ask them to reject SB 1197!

This bill is expected to move extremely quickly!

Government Operations
Lee Chatfield (R) Committee Chair
517-373-2629 LeeChatfield@house.mi.gov

Dan Lauwers (R) Majority Vice-Chair
517-373-1790 DanLauwers@house.mi.gov

Tom Barrett (R)
517-373-0853 TomBarrett@house.mi.gov

Sam Singh (D) Minority Vice-Chair
517-373-1786 samsingh@house.mi.gov

Christine Greig (D)
517-373-1793 christinegreig@house.mi.gov

Eddie Sleeper, Committee Clerk
517-373-2002 esleeper@house.mi.gov