OPINION: Forget legality, how about some decorum?

The American psyche had always been prescribed as honorable and respectable, give or take a few indiscretions. 


Retrograde axial precession, or as GHW Bush put it, deep something, deep state, deep fake, deep doo-doo, whatever.

This is a psychological onslaught, as psychopaths and their relations delight in doing.

Funny thing is, those guys have their ways of involving themselves in destruction while they’re about destroying everything around them.

Perplexity, irony, oxymoron, paradox, all apply liberally to the syndrome.

That is the prognosis.

What they’ve not told us is that there are no men in white coats to come take them away, not even cops in blue, lawyers and politicians and judges in black, game wardens in brown, why, we’d even settle for some horticulturalists in green right now. 

Not that leadership, rulership, despotism, Communism, socialism, Fascism, Democracy, autocracy, plutocracy, Nazism, Timocracy, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs and Brownies or the Ladies Auxiliary Suffragettes didn’t have a fair share of corruption, the point is that no one seems concerned to step up to suggest that there might be some lack of decorum inherent here, over and above the legal aspects of course which don’t seem to bother too many–yet.

The American psyche had always been prescribed as honorable and respectable, give or take a few indiscretions.

Those mostly Brits who conquered the, yes, mostly Brits had a certain steadfast intolerance for bending the rules of war and peace.

They even did it again in the War of 1812 as immortalized by Johnny Horton in BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS which flip side is ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL as everybody knows.

That was us, the USA, as we paraded down history lane with dignity albeit cowboy style, piece of tall grass or Marlboro dangling from tough guy lips while the damsel in distress looked on admiringly with a hint of “Why don’t you stick around a while, handsome?”

Retrograde means moving backward, retreating and so on.

The US lost its groove and seems determined to keep kicking it further under the bus.

Axial Precession is the wobble the planet experiences while rotating in its revolving around the Solar System, namely the Sun.

This is caused by ocean-bed pressure, climate change, icebergs and melting thereof, anything the Earth does that causes differing dynamics within the scientific balance that holds everything together, like, gravity.

Einstein postulated that space and time are ONE and that’ll have to do for now, with addendum that both are subject to change regardless how stable we may feel with alarm clock regularity and two-week vacation caprice.

Though we should get some hint from that little wobble the planet experiences, it doesn’t happen that way, until it happens.

When icebergs collapse there has been no timeclock involved but for the Mayan Long Count Calendar which is said to have culminated lately.

Inevitable Earth changes are not predictable to the day until the day has passed.

Then we start counting to the next big change.

In US political, business and social change chronicle, there’s often a cliffhanger synopsis that is taken to be just part of the show replete with villains and damsels, children even–those same kids who love Saturday morning cliffhanger entertainment and now computer gaming.

This danger too shall pass, as wisdom maintains, and verily it shall as always.

It might be dramatic, it might be mundane, but the rancor will culminate, clash and subside as usual.

Picking up the pieces will require some deliberation and definition after the guy on the silver stallion rides off with the girl, or maybe the girl spurs off with the Marlboro hero astride these days.

They’re probably hetero anyway; the country’s not quite that ready. 

As suggested, the dignity decency clause is at risk of plea bargaining and like All The Trump’s Men will proffer some fascinating justifications.

Those guys went and are going to jail, which naturally suggests that the history will repeat, which is bespoken of by the stacking of the very body of august propriety that determines the outcomes of societal and legal skirmishes.

Usually those at the top of the illicit pyramid, though, are dealt with “out of court” as with Nixon, with Hitler a stand-in double to take the rap, leaders usually having made their getaway plans long in advance unless they’re true psychopaths who parade right into the fray all Emperor’s New Clothes intact with banner unfurled.

That’s the only variable this time, the final act; it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Newscasters, comedians, audience, all are riveted to the drama.

It’s predictable because in fact history does repeat without having taught, hence none have learnt.

The superlatives, outrage, acquiescence and indignation will subside unto writ of archives as always, making room for the new improved repetition.

Ascendance is again nigh.

There is no place else to go.