OPINION: Central government key from Charlevoix to D.C.


WASHINGTON DC IS NOT CENTRAL, not by 1253 miles from Wichita, Kansas.  Neither is Philadelphia, the original point of central government.

Chesapeake Bay, which was the original drop off point of slaves from Africa, is very contiguous to Washington, DC.

The location seems more than slightly inconvenient and improper for central government now, such reminder being anathema it would seem to the current sentiment surrounding that advent.


Add to that hypothesis the recent official report of global warming being a reality, rising seas, longer and more severe heat waves, forest fires, animal migration, and other considerations, a move inland might appear to be warranted and maybe even of dire necessity.

We can plainly see the devastating effects of hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tides, flooding rivers, tornados and general escalation of severe weather patterns, so it might seem of concern to humankind to perhaps think about moving a little toward higher ground.

New Orleans par example is below sea level, and that’s not accounting for now-rising level, and yet rebuilding continues as it does in the Hurricane Sandy area of New Jersey, California’s scorched and flooded and mud-sliding coast sitting right atop the San Andreas Fault.

Tectonic subduction, the overlapping edges of global plates underlying the lands and seas, are study-able by seismic equipment and geologic technology.

Despite the proof being in the pudding, as old wives’ tales have it, nothing is broached as to fix or even planning ahead.

The superhuman crews just keep picking up the pieces, insurance, government programs labeled emergency, dogged insistence by citizenry, all collude to maintain what was and is no more with intentions of restoration. 

Uniformitarianism as a theory has run its course but none take notice of the reality of it.

None but scientists and a ridiculed lot of psychic premonition doomsayers.

These factions will have their day in history though.

We are doomed to repeat the past, for this has happened before many times.

Geologic survey research and archaeological excavations have shown that many civilizations have come and gone, some undetectable by other than deep-dig meticulous finds.  Bill McKibbon, a socio-ecology scholar, has for decades predicted what is now coming to pass.

Then there’s the utilitarian aspect of central government, the ability to run a whole country from one extreme point.

Not a great plan that, as evidenced by most states’ having located their capitols as centrally as was logical, though some states, presumably early on, followed the DC illogic of offset, as did counties within many states.

Central government operates most effectively when it is indeed centrally positioned.

And that applies to political positioning as well because offset government sites within counties or states reflect political hegemony toward the rest of the states or counties.

Charlevoix County, Michigan, for instance since this topic references from this pinpoint on the map, is way distant from the rest of the county and its various towns and villages, hence its people.

Early on the County Seat was variously in East Jordan or Boyne City depending on which bar was selling the most drinks.

Vigilante posses would steal the capitol right from under the sleeping eyes of the town’s populace and move it hence to a place ten miles distant.

Townsfolk might awaken to a new government every month depending on the barroom mood.

Actually, Wichita, Kansas is about as close as one can get to central United States.

Some might infer that the Nebraska state line is closer but since Texas drops down so far it offsets the centrality due to the, um, skirmish of appropriation of that territory from Mexico before our lifetimes.

So Wichita it is, just waiting for somebody to officially suggest it.

Or one could choose (chuse) some vacant property somewhere and start anew which was pretty much what happened in DC which was a small settlement way back when.

Annapolis was where it was happening for commerce, Philadelphia for governance.

New York City had a hand in this early on too but Philly and then Washington DC won the lottery.

Possibly another lottery would be appropriate, have states and cities bid for the location not unlike they do for new business in town Silicon Valley style.

Lots of money influx for sure.

Sort of like getting a new prison complex locally, jobs, peripheral businesses, infrastructure, hubbub.

Come to think of it, not much difference there, politics to prisons, both luring a captive audience, hardly discerning whether for profit or non-profit; it doesn’t matter, it’s all money.

Money is politics; politics is money.  Quid pro quo.

So, let’s say it’s Wichita, shall we?

Nice little city, Dust Bowl days are long gone; no big hassles there, Wichita is 1300 feet above sea-level.

In case of tornadoes, why, Dorothy and Toto will lead us.