Need work? NAI factory in Gaylord part of 139 new jobs

North American Interconnect, LLC (NAI), a manufacturer of wire and cable assemblies, will expand its operations in Livingston Township, which is in Otsego County, and the city of Troy, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced.

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $2.7 million and create 139 jobs, resulting in a $186,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

“One of the reasons we chose the Gaylord location is access to local talent in the Northern Michigan regions. We will be looking to add employees from the cities of East Jordan, Charlevoix, Boyne City and Petoskey,” said Steven Bork who works in marketing for NAI.


Michigan was chosen over competing sites in Indiana, Ohio and Mexico.

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“NAI’s expansion here rather than in other locations means well-paying jobs for Michigan residents and underscores the strength of the state’s manufacturing and R&D talent,” said Jeff Mason, CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the state’s chief marketing and business attraction arm that administers programs and performs due diligence on behalf of the MSF.

“The decision by NAI to invest in Michigan offers further evidence of our commitment to helping companies grow and generate new jobs for our residents,” said Mason.

NAI services a variety of industries including telecom, industrial, medical and aerospace. The company is experiencing increased demand and plans to expand its facility in Livingston Township to allow space for additional equipment. NAI also plans to expand its engineering and R&D operations in the city of Troy.

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of $2.7 million and create 139 jobs.

The Otsego County Economic Alliance, Inc., where the majority of the project is taking place, is offering staff time and resources in support of the project.

“Otsego County Economic Alliance, Inc. provided NAI numerous diversified business development services over the course of the past year to facilitate their expansion into Otsego County and Livingston Township. We are excited about the investment and job creation over the next few years that NAI plans to bring to Otsego County,” said Otsego County Economic Alliance Executive Director Lisa McComb.

“NAI’s decision to expand to the United States, to Michigan, and specifically choose Otsego County speaks volumes for the assets we have in this county. NAI brings a strong manufacturing platform with higher paying wages that we have strived to bring to Otsego County in the past few years. We welcome NAI with open arms and the entire county, region and state will benefit from their decision to expand to Northern Michigan.”

“I am very pleased to welcome North American Interconnect and its expanding engineering and research functions to Troy. As a preferred location for innovative global companies, North American Interconnect will find Troy to be an outstanding place for its growing operations,” Mayor Dane Slater said.

“We’re gratified to see North America Interconnect adding to its growing corporate footprint in Oakland County and its diversification into our growing medical industry sector,” said Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson.

“Our skilled and educated workforce benefits the company and our quality of life makes Oakland County a desirable location for innovative firms like North American Interconnect.”

NAI moved its manufacturing operations out of the U.S. in 2009, during the telecom market collapse.

Since then, the company has built a balanced and strong portfolio of customers, products and served market segments in industrial technology, medical and telecom sectors.

NAI’s return of manufacturing to the U.S. was prompted by customer requests to provide support from a U.S. location for certain products and projects.

“Our Solutions Center in Troy, Michigan, as well as our facilities in Hermosillo, Mexico, Suzhou, China and Nogales, Arizona, will provide engineering, manufacturing and logistics support to the Gaylord plant, optimizing our assets and leveraging our synergies. We are excited to become part of the Gaylord community,” stated Jon Jensen, President and CEO, NAI.

The new 25,000 sq. ft. Gaylord manufacturing facility will begin production in June 2018.

NAI plans to hire approximately 40 new employees in 2018, and reach a total of 125 in 2019.

The new plant will produce various interconnect assembly solutions, eventually including electro-mechanical assemblies such as box and panel builds.

Capabilities will include injection molding, with nine large presses initially, ranging from 50 to 500 tons, sterilization and the assembly of finished goods.

The Gaylord facility will serve all three NAI customer segments: medical, industrial technology, and telecom.