Morgan write-in effort succeeds; moves on to November election

Matt Morgan, Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 1st, will represent Democrats on the ballot in November’s general election after an incredibly strong showing in Tuesday’s primary ballot.

Unofficial vote counts from 15 counties in the 32-county district indicate there were 15,000-plus write-in votes cast in the Democratic race for Congress; Morgan is the only candidate running as a write-in.

Grand Traverse County alone had 4,013 write-in votes cast for a Democrat in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. In 2014, zero write-in votes were cast in Grand Traverse County in that race.

In a formula set by the State of Michigan, Morgan must receive at least five percent of the total ballots cast in the race with the most votes in the Democratic primary in Michigan’s 1st.

For example, if this year’s gubernatorial race had 100,000 votes cast (which would be up 30-plus percent from historic midterm primary averages), the threshold for Morgan to make the general election ballot would be 5,000.

Each county’s Board of Canvassers will meet Wednesday Aug. 8 to review ballots before sending to the Michigan Board of Canvassers. Once certified, Morgan will officially be the Democratic nominee for November’s general election.

“Today’s preliminary numbers speak to to the dedication and hard work of our volunteers and supporters,” Morgan said late Tuesday evening. “This campaign’s supporters did more than knock doors, make phone calls, and show up to vote. They led a movement that connected with voters who know that leadership is about more than politics. It’s about finding representatives who understand what service means.”

The Iraq War combat veteran and retired Marine, announced his campaign for Congress in April, 2017, but was removed from the primary ballot in April due to a technicality with his nominating petitions.

“This is simply more evidence that voters are paying attention, and that they want change. We’re all so tired of the toxic, partisan environment. We need candidates who will take our values to Washington, rather than bringing Washington values to northern and upper Michigan.”

Morgan is an Iraq combat veteran who spent more than 20 years as a career Marine officer and retired as a lieutenant colonel.

He completed two combat tours in Iraq and conducted counterterrorism work on the Horn of Africa.

Morgan also held senior staff positions at both the Pentagon and Marine Forces Command. He now lives in Traverse City with his wife, bestselling author Angie Morgan, and their two young sons.