Michigan House OKs bill so plow drivers may keep using amber lights

The Michigan House today approved legislation introduced by state Rep. Triston Cole to give snow plow drivers the flexibility to continue using flashing amber lights while actively plowing.

Currently, the law requires private snow removal companies to install a flashing amber light for use during snow removal operations. The light must be turned off while on roadways even if they are actively plowing. By allowing the light to be on, the plow truck driver will be able to circle around a driveway and onto a roadway without being at risk of a ticket.

Cole said, additionally, snow plow drivers will also have the opportunity to operate a truck with a snow plow blade up to 10 feet wide between October 1st and May 1st of each year.

 “This legislation allows private snow plow trucks to maintain safety by continuing to use the flashing amber lights on Michigan roads,” said Cole, of Mancelona. “Snow plow drivers should be allowed to leave their flashing amber lights on when operating the vehicle for business purposes.”

The flashing lights will alert motorists when private plow trucks are on the road.

House Bill 5766 advances to the Senate for consideration.