MI Gov. Snyder signs laws on missing person info, teacher requirements, tax breaks, liquor sales

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
Gov. Rick Snyder

Requirements for information about missing persons entered in state and national databases has been broadened under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“It’s critical that state and national databases receive the most current information about missing persons to quickly identify those individuals,” Snyder said. “This bill helps ensure that this crucial information is shared with a broader network of databases to help resolve cases of missing persons faster.”

HB 4633, sponsored by state Rep. Tommy Brann, expands the requirements for entry of information about missing persons and unidentified remains to include mandatory entry into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. The bill is PA 102 of 2018.

Snyder signed six additional measures:

Senate Bill 623, sponsored by state Sen. Ken Horn, extends income tax exemption for specific Renaissance Zones. The bill is now PA 103 of 2018.

SB 662, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, allows private veterans clubs that have a limited liquor license to sell beer, wine and spirits to members for on-premises consumption. The bill is now PA 104 of 2018.

SB 712, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Stamas, establishes that a law enforcement records management system that stores records for a separate public body is not directly subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Instead, the bill clarifies that a person requesting public documents stored in the management system must send the request to the public body that has subscribed to the system and created the record. The bill is now PA 105 of 2018.

SB 727, sponsored by state Sen. Phil Pavlov, removes the basic skills exam as a requirement for people pursuing an interim teaching certificate and eliminates the requirement that alternative teaching programs be proven successful in at least one other state or be modeled after a successful program in another state. The bill also would change the GPA requirement from an individual GPA to a cohort GPA for alternative teaching programs. The bill is now PA 106 of 2018.

SB 801, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, classifies tianeptine sodium as a Schedule 2 controlled substance. The bill is now PA 107 of 2018.

HB 4922, sponsored by state Rep. Jeff Yaroch, expands the eligible uses for salvage inspection fee revenue, while increasing oversight of the vehicle inspection programs conducted by law enforcement agencies. The bill is now PA 108 of 2018.

For more information on this and other legislation, visit www.legislature.mi.gov.