MI 105th candidate Frugé criticizes failure to enhance pipeline safety

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On Tuesday Oct. 2, Michigan House Democrats offered a number of amendments to strengthen House Bills 6187 and 6199-6201, which are slated for passage today, Wednesday Oct. 3.

Offered amendments included subjecting pipeline spill prevention plans to FOIA, requiring operators to carry insurance sufficient to pay for contingency plans in case of a spill, subjecting all pipelines in Michigan to the standards outlined in the bills, adding a per-barrel fee for spills, and requiring the Attorney General to investigate if Line 5 is in violation of its 1953 easement agreement, which should be terminated if so.

House Republicans rejected all of these amendments.

“We are the guardians of the Great Lakes and we rely on our fresh water for more than just recreation and beauty. Our lakes drive tourism, support our economy and our Northern Michigan way of life,” stated Michigan 105th District House Representative candidate Melissa Frugé (D-Boyne City) in response. “As a lifelong Michigander, the thought of a spill in Line 5 contaminating our waters, destroying our local economies, our beaches and our way of life chills me to my core. We simply cannot afford a spill—the risk to our children, our families, is too great.”

She added, “So, why is our current representative not doing absolutely everything within his power to prevent such a catastrophe? We need a representative who will stand up for clean water, not stand in the way of it. I’m running to stand up for our water, our families, and our Pure Michigan communities.”