Meeting over vaping concerns planned

Concerns over new methods of drug-use have induced Boyne City Public Schools officials to hold a community informational meeting.


According to school officials, vaping and other new delivery methods for drug use have started to take root in Boyne City.

“Our students, like millions of others around our country, need parent and adult assistance in understanding the risks involved in vaping,” said Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Pat Little. “But, first, we must educate and inform parents and community members about vaping as a delivery method for new and more established drugs.”

The entire community is invited to attend this informational event.

“The speakers for this event are well-versed in the realities of what our students are seeing and doing when it comes to vape use,” Little said.

Examples of the devices will be available for viewing and discussion.

In recent months, the trend of teen vaping has become a growing concern for school leaders around

Northwest Michigan. Vaping contains many harmful chemicals, including nicotine.

Vaping devices continue to change as well, making it challenging for parents, caregivers and school administrators to stay on top of current trends.

“Please join us for a presentation by area experts and receive important resources to take home,” Little said. “Other issues to be discussed include opioid use, social media and emotional health and awareness.”

The session will be from 7 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday Nov. 27 in the Boyne City High School auditorium.

• COREY HEBNER, Michigan State Police
• SUSAN PULASKI, Community Health Coordinator, Health Department of Northwest Michigan
• Boyne City High School SAFE STUDENTS
• KAREN JAREMA, Boyne City High School Principal
• JOHN HERTEL, Boyne City High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director
• D. SCOTT KELLY, Executive Director, BASES Teen Center

Photo courtesy | Isabella Mendes