Little Traverse Conservancy Director Tom Bailey debuts book

The highly requested and much anticipated compilation of essays and newsletter columns by longtime Little Traverse Conservancy Executive Director Tom Bailey is hot off the press this month.

A North Country Almanac: Reflections of an Old-School Conservationist in a Modern World, features previously-printed pieces seen in LTC’s newsletters, as well as additional pieces he has written over the years. Artwork for the book was generously donated by Heidi Marshall, Tom’s fiancee.

Books are available locally through the Conservancy office and local book stores.

The printing cost for the book was generously underwritten by Ian and Sally Bund, meaning that 100% of the proceeds of books purchased through the Little Traverse Conservancy are given back to the Conservancy.

Books can be purchased at the LTC website,, or through their office at 3264 Powell Road, halfway between Petoskey and Harbor Springs. You may also order by phone at 231.347.0991. Cost is $25 + $7.25 shipping.

From MSU Press:  A North Country Almanac: Reflections of an Old-School Conservationist in a Modern World includes the musings of an independent mind on wilderness, the conservation ethic, and the joys of loving in the outdoors. Although a lifelong conservationist, Thomas C. Bailey has never unquestioningly accepted environmental dogma. The essays here often challenge familiar assumptions about stewardship of natural resources. The former National Park ranger, fishing guide, and conservancy director offers a rich variety of perspectives on an interesting array of topics, returning always to his fundamental belief that conservation pioneers such as John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and Aldo Leopold had it right when they affirmed Walt Whitman’s observation that “the secret of making the best person . . . is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

From Author Jerry Dennis:  “Tom Bailey knows northern Michigan and came by his knowledge the honest way: on foot, on showshoes, in a canoe. These thoughtful and passionate essays bring one of America’s great places to life and reveal why it deserves our protection.”

From Mary Sojourner, NPR commentator, columnist, and environmental and social justice activist: “Tom Bailey’s writing is filled with his deep love of these northern lands, but A North Country Almanac is more than an appreciation. In his perceptions and his writing, Bailey becomes a shining reflection of dark tree lines against a winter sky; an eagle soaring above a solitary hiker; an elk slow-grazing in the summer heat. Tom Bailey understands the circle of life and takes his readers – be they conservationists, hunters, or both – on that journey.”

BOOK SIGNING EVENT:   Wednesday, July 11, 6pm
McLean & Eakin bookstore, Petoskey